04 Aug

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips For The Homeowner

sump-pump-maintenanceAccording to research, over 60 percent of homes in the United States have issues with wet basements. This is a common problem for homes or properties that are located in areas where the water level is higher than the ground level. If you are also putting up with this kind of predicament, it is only wise that you have a sump pump installed. This device basically pumps the water out of your property and into a safe place where it will no longer cause problems such as a dry well or your area’s storm drain. Now you have to remember that just like any other device or appliance, the sump pump also needs to be properly maintained. Here are some tips you should consider!

1. Always check the inlet screen and make sure that debris and residues are not clogging it. For best results, do this task three to four times annually.

2. Always inspect the sump pit and get rid of any visible stone, mud or debris that can cause clogs in the machine.

3. Another important thing that you should do is to go outside your home and check that the water being pumped by the sump pump is actually going where it’s supposed to.

4. The sump pump has a component that’s referred to as the float. Guarantee that it’s operating smoothly and without any obstruction.

5. During winter months when the temperature is cold, check the sump pump’s discharge tube or line. It should never stop or freeze. Also inspect the vent line that’s hooked to it. If the vent hole is clogged, eradicate the obstruction.

6. Lastly, you can perform a little test to check on the pump’s efficiency. Get a bucket of water and slowly pour it into the pit. Observe what will happen to the float. If it’s working properly, it should rise with the water and trigger the machine to pump. If it won’t do anything at all, check if the device is plugged in. If it is plugged to a power source and still doesn’t operate, either the check valve or the float switch may be damaged.

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