30 Jul

Garbage Disposal Not Working: A Troubleshooting Guide

garbage-disposal-not-workingThe garbage disposal is a durable appliance that makes our daily lives more convenient. However, it will be overrated to think that since this appliance is durable, it will last for years without any experiencing issue. The truth is, garbage disposers are also vulnerable to malfunction. And that’s what we want to talk about today. Learn about the most common issues that you’ll experience with garbage disposal systems and how they can be fixed.

1. No Power At All


If your disposer won’t power up, you first have to check if it is plugged. Chances are, somebody has disconnected it from the power source. However, if it’s plugged and still won’t turn on, you can try to reset it first before concluding that it’s an electrical issue. Check the bottom of the garbage disposal and look for the rest button. Read the manufacturer’s user manual and follow the instructions on how to reset the machine. When you’ve already reset it and still nothing happens, call a licensed professional to have it inspected, repaired or replaced.

2. Jammed Garbage Disposal


Jamming is natural with garbage disposal systems especially to stubborn homeowners who grind almost everything in the machine. To remove the jam, simply hook the obstruction out. You can dislodge it with a wooden rod or any similar tool.

3. Humming Sound and Stuck Flywheel


If there’s some sort of humming sound coming from the disposer and you notice that it won’t grind stuff, you must check its flywheel. Chances are, it got stuck. In many cases, waste substances get trapped or stuck between the impellers and the shredder ring. When this happens, the humming starts and the flywheel stops turning. To fix this issue, simply reset the garbage disposal system.

4. Leaks


Leaks are the most popular and the most common problems that you’ll experience with garbage disposal. There are many reasons why such problems arise. To help you get through this plumbing emergency, try these solutions:

a. Secure the mounting bolts of the garbage disposal.

b. If you have a dishwasher hooked to the same drain pipe, tighten the drain hose that’s hooked to the garbage disposal system’s inlet.

c. Apply a new batch of plumber’s putty to create a seal.

d. Inspect the drain hose. If it’s already damaged, it must be replaced.

e. Tighten the bolts that keep the discharge pipes in place.

f. Replace the gasket.

We hope that you now know what to do with a garbage disposal not working. If the problem persists, just call the most reliable Ridge plumber. Plumbers 911 Washington DC provides emergency plumbing services in Ridge MD including plumbing appliances repair, plumbing fixture repair, gas system installation, HVAC services, fire sprinkler system installation and many more! Call us now at (877) 932-5325 to schedule a service!

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