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22 Oct

How often should you clean your drains? A Boston plumber’s guide

It is easy to let some little tasks slip through your mind such as an oil change every 3,000 miles or cleaning your sink drains.

Perhaps you notice the kitchen sink is draining slower than it did last week, but since it is still works, you put off dealing with it until later. Weeks go by and you forget about the clog until one day, the water will not go down the drain. 

In reality, the blockage was building up for months, and you ignored it. Regular cleaning of your drains may have prevented the problem altogether.

Most people though, do not know drain cleaning should be a regular task. Discover how often you should clean your drains and when it is time to call a professional plumber like the contractors affiliated with Plumbers 911 Boston for an emergency house call. 

How often should you clean your drains?

The easiest way to remember to clean your drains is to do once a month in order to prevent a blockage. While it is less frequent than cleaning your bathroom, a monthly drain cleaning will ensure water and everything else that goes down the drain will flow through your pipes.

The drain cleaning process is simple. Pour a hot kettle of water down your sink. This will loosen up any soap and food deposits and prevent clogs from building up. You can also try a baking soda and vinegar combination, which creates a chemical reaction that should clean your pipes. Pouring carbonated pops down your drain can also help.

This monthly maintenance will help you avoid costly damage to your plumbing system and keep liquids flowing smoothly to the sewer. It will also prevent nasty odors that can result from blockage.

Should a professional clean your drains?

We recommend having a professional inspect your drains at once a year. 

To avoid clogs, we suggest hiring a professional to clean your drains every two years. 

The truth is, in most houses and businesses, drains are used multiple times a day. Every time a drain is used, there is the potential for a clog to begin. This is why you need to stay on top of regular drain cleanings — to keep clogs from forming. 

Immediately call Plumbers 911 Boston for a referral to a highly trained and highly skilled plumbing contractor if you notice a sudden blockage or water barely draining, as grease build-up can often get so thick that DIY methods will not work. 

If grease is the problem, a plumbing contractor affiliated with Plumbers 911 Boston will likely need to use a hydro jet to cut through the clog with highly pressurized water. If the clog is not as severe, they can use a motorized drain snake, which cut through tough grease clogs better than an over-the-counter drain snake. 

The contractors affiliated with Plumbers 911 Boston can help fix any slow drains or remove blockages. Call anytime for emergency service.

Signs your sewer line is clogged, not the sink drain

Backed-up sewer lines are more serious than just a clogged pipe. If the sewer line is backed up, that means the clog is deep within your plumbing system. This problem will require the expertise of a professional like the contractors affiliated with Plumbers 911 Boston. DIY techniques will not unclog a sewer line.

Sewer line clogs happen less frequently than drain clogs because most sewer lines are four to six inches wide. We recommend a sewer line camera inspection to understand the problem better.

Signs of a sewer line clog include: 

  • Dark water backed up in your tub or shower.
  • Several drains backed up at once.
  • Air bubbles from a sink or toilet.

Need help cleaning your drains? Call Plumbers 911 Boston

If you need help inspecting or cleaning your drains, call Plumbers 911 Boston at 617-315-6422. We are a network of professional plumbing contractors in Boston who can ensure your drains are flowing correctly and remain free of blockage.

All our Boston Licensed Plumbers are highly trained, vetted and drug tested. Call Plumbers 911 Boston and schedule a time for a trusted, licensed Plumber to come to your house. 


To all our friends and customers regarding COVID-19

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