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19 Oct

Toilet buying guide: How to choose the perfect toilet in Vermont

You need a new toilet, but not just any commode – one that works, does not use much water and can clean itself.

There is more to choosing the perfect toilet than meets the eye, and this toilet buying guide will help you select the best-performing model for all your needs. 

If you need help choosing or installing a toilet, call Plumbers 911 Vermont and be referred to a contractor who can help you evaluate the options and install it in your home.

When should I replace my toilet? 

The most obvious sign that it is time to get a new commode is when you can observe physical damage, such as a cracked bowl or tank. If the toilet leaks around the basin, you need a new toilet. Wobbling is another warning sign. You might tighten the bolts, but this will not fix the problem long-term if damage causes the toilet to loosen in the first place.

Frequent maintenance needs may also indicate you are ready for a new toilet. Some repairs will naturally be necessary over time. Still, if you frequently call a plumber to fix the toilet, you should replace it.

Why new toilets are better

It is a myth that old toilets are superior to new models since problems in toilets will develop over the years. Bolts rust, rubber gaskets go bad and cracks can leak. Older units also have wastewater – about seven gallons per flush if your toilet was made on or before 1982. You can still save money by replacing newer toilets with 1.5 gallons of water per flush since today’s standard is 1.28 gallons per flush.

Flush options

A gravity flush toilet is the most common option available. Still, there are alternatives if you have space or water requirements. 

Gravity flush toilets use a rubber flapper that lifts off a siphon in the bottom of the tank. The process allows water to drain quickly enough to create suction in the waste pipe that clears the bowl.

A pressure assist or power assist toilet also uses a tank, but it contains pressurized air and water for a more significant force. The force results in a cleaner flush and uses less water. Pressure-assist toilets depend on water pressure to recharge and are not ideal for homes with low water pressure. 

A dual-flush toilet uses a canister to control a gravity-flush system. It features two buttons to hold the water at the top of the tank. One button allows the canister to lift partially for a smaller flush, which is ideal for disposing of liquids in the bowl. The other button lifts the canister for solid waste flushes. This approach is a great way to reduce water consumption.

Touchless flush toilets operate with a motion sensor that detects when the toilet has been used. You typically find these toilets in public restrooms, but they can also be installed in homes. A professional plumbing contractor, such as one referred through Plumbers 911 Vermont, can turn any toilet into a touchless flush toilet by installing a specialized kit.

Types of toilets

There are a variety of toilets available. A two-piece toilet is the most common, as it features a separate tank and bowl but requires some assembly. The corner toilet’s designs fit neatly into a corner wall. Wall-mounted toilets are great for space restraints because the entire plumbing system is behind a wall. There are also ADA-compliant toilets designed for the disabled or elderly. 

Need to install a new toilet? Call Plumbers 911 Vermont

If you need a new toilet installed, call Plumbers 911 Vermont and be referred to a local plumbing contractor licensed to install toilets in Vermont.

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To all our friends and customers regarding COVID-19

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