06 Nov

What Does That Toilet Flush Sound Mean?

toilet flush soundAside from the presence of leaks or broken parts, you’ll know that your toilet is in trouble based on its flush sound. Flush sounds may signify flow restriction, high pressure in the pipes, leaks in the system or uneven water among many others. What’s important to know is that these sounds actually help us and DIY plumbers to identify the cause of specific problems and implement the right solutions. If you are hearing weird reverberations from your toilet, read on and find out what it means.

1. When you flush the toilet and a loud sound resonates for more than one minute, there must be a problem with water pressure in the pipes. This could also mean that the flow of water into the tank is restricted. Try tinkering with the pressure valve while the sound is audible. If the valve adjustment doesn’t do the trick, open the toilet tank and try lifting the float up. If that does the trick, replace the float.

2. If a loud sound resonates while your tank is refilling, it may be indicative of uneven water flow. You can fix this problem by adjusting the supply valve. Turn it down a little to lessen the amount of water that goes right into the tank.

3. If your toilet produces a flushing sound even if it’s not in use, you should have it checked for leaks. Find the seepage and put a stop to it ASAP to get rid of the phantom flushing. Remember, continuous dripping will not only disturb you in the middle of the night. The leak is also wasting a lot of water thereby contributing to your water bill.

4. If you’re hearing a sporadic “cchhhhh” sound coming from your toilet, you should check the flapper. It may already be worn out and that’s what may cause an outflow. Replace the flapper to stabilize the water level in the tank and stop the outflow.

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