06 Nov

What Causes A Water Heater Leaking?

water heater leakingA hot water heater should not be maintained only because it’s an indispensable appliance. Let’s face it. It’s also expensive which is why we need to implement proper care to keep it in good condition and contribute to its longevity. However, there are instances when parts malfunction or deteriorate. Just seek the help of a professional if you’re not into DIY plumbing and make sure that due repair will be provided immediately.  There are also instances when the heating system leaks. Instead of panicking, you can perform a little troubleshooting to identify the cause of the outflow. Who knows? Maybe it’s easy to resolve. Read on and get a load of this helpful information!

* Leaking Due To Condensation

There are times when you’ll notice drips from your water heater due to condensation. If you notice that the leak appears when filling up the tank and then disappears when the water is all warmed up, that confirms condensation. This usually occurs during winter or when the weather’s too cold. Have your vents checked for obstructions. If there aren’t any, inspect the gas water heater flue.

* Leaking From The Tank

The water heater tank is prone to corrosion. Leaks appear when it’s already rusty. To prevent this problem, make sure that you’ll replace the anode rod when it gets corroded and flush the tank regularly.

* Leaking From The T&P Valve

A leak from the temperature and pressure valve of your water heater may be caused by water pressure that’s either too high or too low. Adjust the pressure valve to address this problem. There are also times that drips also occur because the T&P valve has already gone bad. Replace it immediately.

* Leaking From The Water Supply Lines

If water comes out of the water supply pipes, you’ll need to shut off the valve that regulates the flow of water into your house. If you notice that the water sprays from the water heater itself, turn its supply valve off. If water gushes out of the pipes or fittings, these parts should be fixed ASAP.

* Leaking From The Drain Valve

When water streams out of the drain valve, you should tighten it right away. If that doesn’t work, then you must have a damaged drain valve which should already be replaced.

* Leaking From The Heating Element Gasket

If the hot water heater’s element gaskets leak, you’ll have to turn off your house’s power supply. Shut your water supply down as well and drain the tank. You have to replace the gasket immediately. Remember that before you turn on the heater again, you’ll have to turn the water supply of the heater on. After that, run some hot water in any of your sink drains to remove any air from the system then turn the heating system on. Doing so will prevent any damage on your unit’s heating element.

We hope that we have given you enough information to explain the causes of a water heater leaking. If you need plumbing assistance, just find the best Golden Beach FL plumbing service providers. Plumbers 911 Florida delivers affordable and quality plumbing services in Golden Beach FL including water heater installation, water heater repair, plumbing appliance installation, plumbing fixture repair and many more! Call us now at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL)!

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