11 Nov

A 101 On Sewer Cleanouts

sewer cleanoutYour drainage lines are important to your plumbing system. They are the ones in charge of transporting all the waste that you produce whenever you use your faucets, showers, bathtub and all the other plumbing fixtures and appliances that you have. From your indoor drains, the pipes will take the waste materials straight to your septic tank or a public sewer system where your house is connected to. The problem is, your drainage lines are not always in good condition. Sometimes, clogging and slow draining happen which will then result to backups and other sorts of plumbing issues.  That’s when your sewer cleanout comes in.

What is a sewer cleanout?

A sewer cleanout is a kind of covered pipe that provides easy access to your house’s sewer line. In the event of drainage line blockages, plumbing experts will use this pipe to get into the sewer line and remove the clog.

How do plumbers use the sewer cleanout?

To remove the blockage in your main drainage line, the plumber will open the sewer cleanout’s lid. If it won’t budge, then he’ll use a wrench to loosen the lid. When the pipe is already accessible, a plumbing snake or auger will be inserted into it to break the clog. It’s just like what you’ll do when you’re unclogging your sink drain. There are also times when a sewer camera may be used to check the condition of the drainage line from the inside. The camera will capture and locate any crack, crevice, clog or tree root inside the pipe.

Where is it located?

Oftentimes, a sewer cleanout is found outside the house. If you don’t have any idea where yours is located, check on bushes that are close to the house. Also search in areas that are near bathrooms. There are also rare instances when it is situated in the basement. Know that awareness of its location is very important especially during emergency situations. You will save your plumber a lot of time if you’ll lead him to the sewer cleanout right away.

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