23 Jun

Sprinkler Shut Off Valve Troubleshooting Guide

sprinkler-shut-off-valveA water sprinkler system is beneficial in keeping the grass in your lawn green and your flowering plants vibrant. Now among the most common sprinkler system issues that homeowners face is when one zone is still on even if it’s already the scheduled shut down time.  There are times when the error occurs during the configuration of the watering schedule. There are times when the problem results from mechanical issues. Either way, the sprinkler shut off valve must be turned off. Here’s short guide to help you out.

Turning Off The Sprinkler’s Controller


Locate your sprinkler system’s controller. Depending on the type, model or manufacturer of your sprinkler’s controller, turning it off may require you to put it at “Rain”, “Rain Off” or “Off” setting. Each of these settings or dial positions will shut the system off.

Now most homeowners sometimes unplug the controller at the wall. Note that it won’t do anything good at all. Instead, it will just reset the controller and remove the program. That being said, it will be reprogrammed the next time that you reactivate it.

Now here’s the thing. If water is still spraying out of the sprinkler even after you’ve turned the controller off, that just means that it has a mechanical problem. In this case, shut the water valve off.

Turning Off The Water Source


You must locate the sprinkler system’s main emergency cutoff. It will be used to stop the sprinkler system without the need to turn off the main water valve. The backflow prevention device has valves that can locate the sprinkler system’s emergency cut off. In most cases, it is located near the street and is in a rectangular box with a green cover or for older models, in an oval box.

Once you have determined the location of the device, you must identify the cut off valves. Turn them off to stop water from spraying out of the sprinklers.

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