24 Jun

Plumbing Home Inspection Tips To Keep Your Home Problem-Free


Your plumbing system won’t last through years without experiencing problems. At one point, you’ll discover that your drains are clogged; your fixtures are leaking or your pipes are corroded. That’s okay. There are licensed and trusted plumbing experts who can help you get through all these issues. However, if you want to avoid being inconvenienced, you must have your home inspected by plumbers at least once a year. And while they can extensively inspect your home plumbing system, know that there are also some things that you can do on your own. Here are some tips you should definitely follow!

1. Check the water pressure in your plumbing lines. If the pressure is low, there must be a problem somewhere like a clog or a leak. For instance, poor water flow from shower systems may indicate sediment buildup in the aerator.

2. Be observant when it comes to pipe leaks. Stained and wet walls or ceilings may indicate that the pipes inside these have water seeping out.

3. Watch out for green stains on your copper or brass fittings. These are caused by electrolysis or may also be signs of corrosion. If these fittings are not replaced immediately, they will sooner cause leaks in the system.

4. Look inside your toilet tank and check if there are worn out or missing components.

5. Flush your water heater tank at least once a year. This maintenance measure will remove the sediments and minerals that have accumulated at the bottom of the tank.

6. If you suspect that your toilet runs between the tank and the bowl, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If the bowl turns blue, that confirms a leak. Ask a plumber to fix this problem for you.

7. If you have a gas water heater, check its burner chamber. The presence of rust flakes indicates a problem. If the fire is not blue, there could be soot in the system and that means the jet must be cleaned.

8. Swirling and bubbling drains are indicators of drainage issues. The drain pipes must be cleared with the use of a plumbing snake. If it’s the main drain line that’s clogged, call a licensed plumbing company to clear it for you.

9. Try to rock your toilet sideways. If it wobbles, that means that a leak has formed at the base. The flange must be replaced in such a case.

10. Shower knobs and faucets that cannot be turned easily are also problems. The parts may already be corroded or worn out. Check the set escutcheon plates and set screws to see if they need replacements.

11. Washing machine hoses should be in good condition to prevent leaks, flooding and accidents in your wash area. If the hose is brittle, cracked or damaged, replace it immediately.

12. To ensure that your drains work efficiently, clean your vent fans. Make sure that they are not obstructed by dust or dirt.

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