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What Is A Plumber Snake And How Is It Used?

plumber-snakeAre you having trouble with clogged drains? Did you know that snaking your drain is among the most effective ways to get rid of a clog? We all know that minor blockages can be eradicated by baking soda and vinegar. You can also use a plunger, too. But as we said, the most effective of all, is the use of a plumbing snake. Read on and learn more about this valuable plumbing tool!

What Is A Plumber Snake?


A plumbing snake is an efficient tool that’s used to eradicate clogs. It is also referred to as the electric eel or toilet jack. It has a long, flexible wire with a hook at its end and maneuvered with a crank (for handy snakes) or a motor (for professional-grade snakes). However, note that the snake is only good for clogs that are caused by shreddable obstacles like glass wool, tree roots, grease and other waste substances. Smaller obstructions may also be hooked out by the auger. Lastly, this tool also scrapes off greasy substances that get stuck to the walls of the drain pipes.

Are there types of augers?

Yes, there are. Here’s a short list with their descriptions!

1. Hand Spinner or Hand Auger


This type of auger is best for clearing bathtub and sink drains. However, it is not recommended for toilets because it may actually damage the smooth surface of the toilet bowl. Another reason why it should not be used for toilets is that toilet drains are quite large and the snake could get tangled inside them. Yes, you read that right. There are size restrictions when using plumbing snakes. For example, a snake with a quarter of an inch cable size should not be used to clear drains with a diameter of two inches.

2. Toilet Auger


The toilet auger is also referred to as a closet auger. It has a relatively shorter auger that’s hooked to a metal tube, shaped like a hook. This figure makes the toilet auger find its way easily through the toilet drain. To prevent damages on the fixture, the end of the auger is protected with a plastic boot.

3. Drum Auger


A drum auger is used by professional plumbers for more complex jobs. It features modular blades that suit several pipe gauges. The drum auger is powerful in cutting through tree roots that when used improperly, they can damage plastic and copper pipelines and tubing.

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Keep your drains clean to prevent clogs! Watch this video to get valuable tips!

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