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How Are Roots In Sewer Line Removed By Professionals?

roots-in-sewer-lineAside from grease, oily substances and sticky waste materials, tree roots are also among the most popular culprits of sewer line clogging. Have you noticed that your drains are surprisingly slow these past few weeks? Have you tried to clean them and nothing happened? Do you experience recurring backups and clogs? If you have been struggling with drain-related issues over and over again, it’s possible that your sewer lines are already blocked up by tree roots.

You see, if you have drain lines that are installed right under or near trees that have strong roots, there will come a time when these roots will find their way inside the pipes. They will look for small cracks or crevices in the tubes and crawl their way inside until the pipe clogs.

The Roots That Intrude Sewer Lines


Your garden plants with small, weak roots surely won’t be able to get into your pipelines. But if you have trees or plants with tap roots that are capable of growing deep into the ground, then they could end up intruding the tubes. Even if pipelines only have small openings, these tap roots can still squeeze their way in and instead of finding a way out, they will stay and continue to grow inside the system. Most of the time, homeowners just remove the plants thinking that the roots will die as well. However, you should know that there are roots that can survive even if the very plants are cut. They’ll even get their sustenance from the substances that are present inside the pipes. And unfortunately, there are also roots that can intrude pipes as far as 2 miles away from the tree.

Tree Root Intrusion Types


There are two kinds of sewer line root intrusions: the tail root and the veil root. The tail root intrusion involves roots that stay and grow inside the pipe until they are already 25 feet long. These roots totally block the system which is why they should be removed immediately.

Veil intrusion, on the other hand, involves roots that go through the side or at the top part of the pipes and linger there. Though they do not grow along the length of the whole pipeline, they still block the flow of sewage.

Importance Of Sewer Line Cleaning


Tree roots should be removed from your sewer lines ASAP because they cause drain clogs, backups and backflows. These problems result to other inconveniences such as flooding and expensive repair expenses. Tree roots in the pipes may also create septic pools that may lead to the presence and escape of dangerous gases out the system.

Professional Plumbers Remove The Tree Roots


Sewer cleaning is not a job that should done by homeowners. Only licensed plumbers should handle this task because it is quite dangerous. The plumbers have the necessary equipment that allows them to inspect the pipelines and locate the roots. They also have cleaning machines that eradicate the blockages. These gadgets include the sewer camera, the professional plumbing snake and the hydro-jetter. Aside from these, pipe relining is also another solution. It involves the insertion of a new lining inside the affected sewer pipe. This method allows the efficient flow of sewage again and also repairs the parts of the pipeline that have been damaged by the roots.

We hope that you learned how roots in sewer line are removed by plumbing experts. If you suspect that there are tree roots in your sewer lines, just call local Boston plumbers for sewer cleaning services. Plumbers 911 Boston provides reliable local plumbing services in Boston MA including camera sewer inspection, sewer cleaning, mainline video, hydro-jetting, backflow prevention and many more! Call us at (877) 754-1048 to schedule a service!

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