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Hydrojetting | Washington DC Plumbing ServiceAlthough in an ideal world, home plumbing systems operate smoothly and without any issues, we all know that clogs and backups happen. Sometimes these are minor issues, and a plunger or plumbing snake is all that’s needed to solve the problem. But if problems persist, you may need to consider more intensive cleaning methods for your pipes. That’s where hydrojetting comes in. If you have an urgent problem with a plumbing backup, Plumbers 911 is a 24-7 service that is able to respond to plumbing emergencies. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away. If you’re considering hydrojetting may be an appropriate course of action for your plumbing system, read on to learn more about what it is and when it’s best used.

Understanding Clogged Pipes

If your pipes are clogged, don’t jump straight ahead to major plumbing services just yet! Most clogs are minor, and a minor clog is usually something you can solve on your own. If you have a clogged sink or toilet, the following tools are the first things you should try to fix the problem:
  • The tried-and-true plunger should be your first line of defense against clogs. There are different kinds of plungers for each: you’ll want to have a cup plunger on hand for sinks, and a toilet plunger on hand for your toilet. If you don’t already own one of each, go buy one before you have a problem if at all possible!
  • A plumbing snake can also be a DIY solution, although it’s also a tool used by professionals in some situations (see below for a comparison of using plumbing snakes vs. hydrojetting.) These are inserted into the drain, and are able to clear any blockages such as hair.
  • If you believe the clog is truly a simple, local issue, home kitchen remedies such as vinegar, baking powder, and lemon juice can be safely used to clear the blockage. These can be used separately or together to form a gentle cleansing solution; simply pour it down the drain.
  • Chemical drain cleaners aren’t the best option for clearing drains, because they leave behind harsh chemicals and are usually a band-aid fix for a bigger problem.
If you try these methods and still experience a clog, or if you’re able to clear the clog but it keeps coming back anyway, then it might be time to call a plumber for a professional solution. Additionally, be wary of the following warning signs that your clog my be a more serious problem:
  • A gurgling sound in your toilet or sink.
  • Water backing up from a toilet or drain.
Problems with your toilet, in particular, should be taken very seriously. These could be signs that there’s a problem with your sewer line, rather than a simple clog, and a more intensive cleaning solution may be the necessary for your plumbing system.

What is Hydrojetting?

Sewer line jetting is the technique that uses water under high pressure to clean your drain and ensure that it is free of debris. This high-power stream of water can clear away mineral deposits in your pipes of many kinds, including grease and oils, minerals, and even tree roots. This is a powerful method that can return your pipes to an almost-new state of cleanliness, completely free of blockages. Hydrojetting is not only extremely effective, but also environmentally friendly, since no harsh chemicals are used in the process that could end up seeping into the soil
This is definitely something best left to the professionals. Your plumbing technician will first inspect your pipes, usually by running a small camera through them, to make sure that they are strong enough to withstand the pressure of jetted water Then, a special hose and nozzle is used to produce the high water pressure used to clean. It’s the combination of both pressure and high water flow that allows the method to clean thoroughly

How does it compare to other cleaning methods?

Hydrojetting | Washington DC PlumbersThis is a newer technique for cleaning pipes, and by far the most thorough. However, this does not mean that it’s the best solution in every situation. As you may have surmised from reading about the method above, it’s a fairly intensive process. If a simpler solution works on your pipes, it’s best to start there. For clogs, such as a buildup of hair or toilet paper in your pipes, a plumbing snake may be a good solution. This is an older method of cleaning drain pipes, and even though it’s not the most high-tech, in certain situations it can be the best choice. However, if the problem in your pipe is more than a clog, and persists after less invasive solutions are tried, something more thorough may be required. This is a sign that the problem might be an issue caused by mineral deposits or oil buildup, and this may be the necessary solution. Remember, hydrojetting is NOT a DIY solution, and is something best left to the professionals. Thankfully, the best local Washington DC plumbers ready to help you determine whether this is the right solution for you.

Is hydrojetting the best solution for your plumbing problem?

At Plumbers 911 Washington DC, we’d love to help you determine if sewer line jettin is truly the right solution for fixing your plumbing issues. Our highly trained technicians are available 24/7, so call any time to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of your plumbing needs. If this is indeed the right solution, and your pipes are in good enough condition to withstand the treatment, you can trust us to provide the highest quality service at a competitive price. Plumbers 911 Washington DC is not just one small plumbing company, but a whole network of the best plumbers in the region. All of our technicians have the most up-to-date training and certifications, and are carefully screened to ensure both high-quality work and peace of mind as they work in your home.

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