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Leak Detection | Washington DC PlumberLeaks can cause several things to happen, and even an overflow might be possible. When water stands or overflows, it can cause other problems such as mold to occur, which is never good in a home. When a leak occurs, the first thing that many people realize is the sound of the leak. After checking to find where the leak is, contacting a professional should be your next step. Professionals can help you to solve the issue of where the leak is, how it started, and how to fix it without spending too much money out of pocket. For those that live in areas where they must pay for their water, if the leak goes unfixed, chances are, that you will be spending more money on your water bill than it would have cost to originally fix the leak. The professional plumbers at Plumbers 911 can assist you with all of your leak detection needs. Offering years of experience and skills, we can detect any leak within your pipeline system with specialized equipment. This equipment serves only as leak detection equipment, so there is no changing settings or finding the right frequency to assist each and every home.

We Specialize In Leak Detection And Plumbing Repairs For Residential And Businesses

You do not have to call several different companies to start the process of finding and fixing a leak. Plumbers 911 can handle it all in one easy visit. We are prepared to tackle any type of leak that you may have, the equipment and tools already present on our service trucks. We can provide you with immediate assistance and leave you 100% satisfied with the work that we have completed.
Leak detection happens very easily with the new modern day equipment that has been developed. This equipment is used to give readings on how much water pressure or PSI is located within your pipes. This will let us know if there is a leak and help us to determine how big or small the leak is. The training and experience that our technicians have can cover any size leak quickly and efficiently. It does not matter if you are a small, one bath house, or a large ten-story business, our plumbers can locate the leak quickly. The quicker that the leak is found, the faster that it can be fixed and everything can start running smoothly again.

The Process Of Leak Detection And Repair Can Be As Simple as Opening Your Front Door

Some people do not realize that they have a leak until they receive a high water bill and start to ask questions. Although the bill may state that they are using more gallons per day and show obvious signs of a leak somewhere, that does not solve the issue of where the leak is located. We offer leak detection services that are competitive in pricing compared to other companies in our industry. We will take the necessary steps to ensure that your leak is found and dealt with efficiently. Here are a few steps that we will take to ensure that your issue is resolved in the quickest manner possible. Gather Information – We will need to gather information from you such as a recent copy of your water bill. There are also a few questions that our technician will ask to get a feel of what the surrounding situation is.
  • Do you hear leaking sounds?
  • Do you have visible wet spots?
  • What is the age of the home?
Water leaks | Washington DC PlumbersListening and Inspecting – By using our leak detection equipment we are able to detect exactly what type of leak it is, and where the highest decibel is reading. The decibel will help us to find the location of the leak. From this, we will be able to determine if the leak is in the drain line, on the roof, or from a supply line. We will also be able to detect if it’s on the cold or hot supply side of your plumbing. Testing – Once the line has been located, we will then do a test to see how much moisture is located in the area. The testing process will also be the time frame that we will pressurize the line and reconfirm our previous information. We will then fill the lines with air, and find the leak once more. Repairing – After all of our testing and inspecting is done, we can then inform the homeowner of our findings. From that point, the decision will be made to move forward with the repairs or hold for other instructions from the homeowner. If the repairs are to start, we will patch the pipe if possible or replace that line to eliminate the leak.

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We understand that some repairs can be done by someone in the household and that is a great way to save money. However, with low prices and immediate service, Plumbers 911 can offer you a wide array of services at unbeatable prices. This saves you or your loved one from having to complete the labor portion of the job as well as provide a warranty for the work completed in case of a future incident. Our technicians are expertly skilled and trained with certifications in several aspects of plumbing. We have someone that can perform the job right the first time without you ever having to worry about calling someone else. We take pride in keeping a clean work area and make sure that the work area is completely cleaned and left as we found it. Our top priority is making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our finished projects, our quick responses, and overall the interactions with our friendly technicians in Washington DC. For all of your leak detection and plumbing repairs, be sure to give your friendly technicians at Plumbers 911 a call immediately. We have a representative standing by right now to receive your call.

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