27 May

How To Install Washing Machine Plumbing

washing machine plumbingThe washing machine is a must-have for every home. Because of this amazing plumbing appliance, you are able to save a lot of time and energy when you’re doing your laundry. Instead of washing a pile of dirty clothes by hand and spending the entire day to complete the task, you can just put your laundry in the washing machine, push the button and go back when it’s been washed and dried. While the appliance is running, you can still work on other chores. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? So if you are planning to install a new washer for your home, here’s a DIY guide you can use as a reference.

1. If you are just replacing an old washer, your plumbing lines should be ready. Otherwise, you’ll need to have a professional install the new lines for you. While you can manage a number of plumbing jobs at home, the installation of water supply lines should be handled by licensed plumbers.

2. Before the installation of the appliance, you must ensure that the water supply valve is off. Doing so will prevent flooding the room or basement when you’re working on the installation.

3. Every washer has its own manufacturer and model-specific features and special instructions. Take time to read the user’s manual before proceeding with the set up. Also get help when carrying and unpacking the washing machine because it’s pretty heavy. Be careful so you won’t accidentally drop it.

4. When you’ve already read the user manual, go ahead and check your water supply lines. Remove the old tubes of the old washing machine. Use the new ones that came with the new appliance. Also notice that the supply tubes are color coded. The red one is the hot water line and the blue one is the cold water line. Connect these tubes properly and ensure that they’re tight and leak-free.

5. After connecting the pipes, get the washing machine’s drain hose and connect it to the main drain pipe. In most cases, you’ll need a stand pipe that has a trap to connect the drain hose. Be careful when tightening the hose as it should never be too tight. It should also be positioned at least two feet above the ground.

6. Position the washing machine and attach the supply lines as well as the drain hose to the unit, too.

7. Plug the washer to a functioning electrical outlet. Let it get filled up with water and turn it on. Push the button and run the washing machine for a cycle. Drain it afterward and be aware of leaks. Voila! You may now use your new washing machine.

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