26 May

Hassle-Free Do-It-Yourself Fiberglass Tub Repair

fiberglass tub repairDo you have a fiberglass tub at home? How long have you had it and how does it look now? Is it still smooth and shiny? Does it still look pretty? You see, fiberglass bathtubs are durable plumbing fixtures that will serve you for years. However, their smooth surface is not actually immune to scratches, cracks or chipping. If you ever find your tub losing its beauty, you can actually repair it and make it look great again.

1. Get a lint-free cloth or rag; a container with water and mild soap. Use these to clean the affected area on the tub. After cleaning, rinse with tap water. Wipe the area and let it dry before moving on with the repair.

2. Afterward, get a fine-grit emery cloth and sand the cracks gently. Use a brush or a cloth to wipe away all the dust that will result from the sanding. Guarantee that there will be no dirt or sediments left once you’re done because they will not make the adhesive stick.

3. Prepare your fiberglass repair kit. It should come with a bonding agent or adhesive and brush. Use the latter to apply the adhesive on the damaged area.

4. When you’re brushing the cracks with the adhesive or bonding agent, make sure that you’ll extend up to an inch more of the crack. Let the material dry as long as the instructions recommend.

5. When the bonding agent is already dry, get the fiberglass filler and apply it into the cracks. You should use your putty knife and remove any excess putty surrounding the cracks immediately. When you’ve removed the excess, let the filler dry.

6. Now when the putty has dried up, get your fine-grit emery cloth again and sand the area until the patch that you’ve made is already at the same level with the tub’s surface. Again, wipe the dirt and dust away with a sponge or an old, lint-free cloth.

7. Afterward, prepare your epoxy coating according to manufacturer instructions. Get a small brush and apply the epoxy onto the patch. Also ensure to extend the coating up to 2 inches around the crack.

8. Get the fiberglass cloth and cut it so that it will fit right onto the painted spot. Press it hard with your hands and then run a putty knife across the surface to remove air bubbles underneath. Make sure that the cloth is flat on the tub.

9. Get the epoxy coating and apply another layer onto the fiberglass cloth. Finally, apply the sealant or finishing coat that’s also included in your fiberglass kit. Let the coating dry according to instructions.

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