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How To Install An Undermount Sink

undermount sinkAn undermount sink is certainly a pretty sight in any kitchen. With all the beautiful sink concepts and designs available in the market nowadays, it has gotten even more inviting to use this type of washbasin in our homes. Now if you are planning to have one installed in your kitchen and you want to do the project yourself, today is your lucky day! Read on and learn from this simple DIY guide!

NOTE:  The first few steps of the installation process require carpentry skills. If you don’t have any, let a professional handle it for you and just skip to the plumbing part. If you do want to do the carpentry part yourself, then continue reading.

1. Choose the type of undermount sink that you’d like to have in your home. Do you want a single-bowl type? A double-bowl type? Start cutting the mounting hole only when you already have your sink. Remember that your countertop should be solid because the sink will be getting its support from the underside. Choose marble or granite because these types are the strongest.

2. If your sink came with a template, you can use it to mark the area that you’ll cut on the countertop. If it doesn’t have one, then use the sink itself. Measure carefully, considering all the angles and corners of the fixture. This should be done precisely. Otherwise, the sink may fall down when filled with water, or loaded with plates and cooking utensils.

3. Once the measurement is done and the area’s ready to be cut, get your 3/8-inch drill bit. Create a hole in one of the corners and then use your saber saw to cut through the outline. If you don’t have this kind of saw, you may use the keyhole type or a handsaw.

4. When you’re done creating the hole, turn the countertop over and start marking the holes where you’ll attach the mounting screws. Once done marking, you may proceed with the drilling.

5. Get some denatured alcohol and pour a little bit on a rag or cloth. Use this to clean the underside of your countertop, right in the area around the holes that you have just created. Also clean the edge where the sink will be installed.

6. Roll some plumber’s putty and apply it around the hole, on the underside surface. Safely put the sink in place. You may also use latex caulking as a substitute for plumber’s putty. Once done, start tightening the screws in order to keep the sink in place. Get a cloth or rag ready because some of the putty or caulk will surely ooze out of the sink’s edge.

7. Now it’s time to do the plumbing! Drill holes for your faucets. Make sure that they’re measured accurately. Once done, attach the faucet to the sink. Flip the countertop over again and install it to the base of your kitchen counter. Be sure to follow the directions that came with it.

8. Once done, you may move on to installing the drain. As usual, apply plumber’s putty right at the bottom of the sink drain assembly. Push it down right to the bottom of the sink. You should see a locking nut which is supposed to be tightened to secure the drain in place. Do so. Leave the sink like this overnight to let the putty or the caulk dry.

9. The following morning, install the compression fittings to the stems of your faucets. Once done, proceed to attach the water lines. Get your S-trap and drainpipe and assemble them under the sink. When everything’s in place, turn on the water supply and make sure that you’ll check for any sign of leaks!

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