22 Sep

How To Use A Tile Repair Kit For Your Bathroom

tile repair kitYou should never worry when your bathroom tiles suddenly get chipped off or incur cracks. That’s a problem not too difficult to resolve. You can simply replace the damaged pieces with new tiles and make the room look good as new again. You can successfully accomplish this project with the help of a tile repair kit. Don’t know how to use one? Read on and let our blog guide you on how to do the repair properly.

1. Before you start to remove the affected tiles, make sure that you have all the tools that you’ll need. Prepare your tile cutter, replacement tile/s, grout raker or chisel, putty knife, iron, grout and adhesive, clean rags, sponge and drill. The tile repair kit is already complete with grout, adhesive and other items that will come in handy during a tile replacement.

2. Begin the project by first cutting between the affected tiles with the help of your tile cutter. Once you’re done, start removing the grout. You can use your chisel or grout raker for this task.

3. Using your drill, create small holes in the affected tile/s. This will make the removal of the damaged squares way easier. When you have created several holes, lift up the pieces of the tiles with your putty knife. Set aside all the pieces of ceramics that you’ll collect into one pile or dispose of them properly in a trash bag.

4. There should be some leftover adhesive still stuck to the floor or wall where you removed the tiles. Dampen your clean rag and start wiping area to loosen the sticky substance. When it’s already soft or dissolved, use your putty knife to scrape all of them away. Take care not to inflict damage on any of the surrounding, unaffected tiles.

5. Clean the area thoroughly and once it’s ready for tile installation, apply some adhesive on it. Guarantee that the adhesive is level. Put the new tile in place and then press hard on it to make it adhere securely to the wall or floor. You may also use something round like a rolling pin to get rid of any trapped air underneath.

6. When you’re done putting the new tile, get your rag once again and start wiping any excess adhesive. Remember to do this ASAP so that the sticky substance won’t get stuck on the tile surface and create stains.

7. Prepare the grout that came with your tile repair kit. Make sure that you’ll follow the instructions properly. Apply the grout liberally on the sides of the new tile/s and be certain that the spaces will all be filled up to the surface.

8. Just like what you did with the adhesive, wipe off any excess grout. Leave the new tiles alone and only expose the area to water and moisture when you are sure that the grout and adhesive are already dry.

We hope that this DIY guide on how to use a tile repair kit helps you make your bathroom look good again. Should you need professional help, just look for the most dependable Sunny Isles Beach FL plumbing experts. Plumbers 911 Florida delivers top-notch plumbing services in Sunny Isles Beach FL including bathroom remodeling, toilet repairs, bathroom fixture installation, plumbing appliance installation and many more! Call us now at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL)!

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