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The Complete Porcelain Sink Repair DIY Guide

porcelain sink repairHomeowners love porcelain sinks for their bathrooms more than any other type of washbasin. Though a copper sink looks rustic and adds a stylish appeal to the room, porcelain sinks are indeed classier and look more refreshing to the eyes. However, we cannot deny the fact that their beauty doesn’t last very long. They can incur cracks or get chipped off over time. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to put its luster back with the help of repair kits that are readily available in the market. So if you do have a porcelain sink that’s no longer looking so pretty at home, read on and learn how to repair it.

1. Gather your materials for this repair project. You’ll need soapy water and sponge for cleaning the affected area. You’ll also need wet-dry sandpaper, denatured alcohol, old cloth or clean rags and an epoxy kit of your choice.

2. Once you have all the tools and supplies ready, get the soapy water and sponge. Clean the chipped off or cracked area by wiping it with the sponge. Dry the surface with the old cloth or clean rags afterwards.

3. Now you’ll need to polish the area with the sandpaper. Fold it to create a triangular shape, guaranteeing that it has a sharp tip or point. Place the sandpaper over the affected surface. Using your index finger, press on the tip and start sanding the area. Take time to remove any apparent stain or rust by scratching the sandpaper over the surface. This step should never be forgotten because it will let the epoxy stick to the surface efficiently. When you are done, get the tack cloth and wipe the dirt and sediments away.

4. Now pour some denatured alcohol on a cloth. Don’t wet it entirely. Instead, just fold the cloth and wet the tip or a corner only. Clean the sanded surface using the wet part of the cloth and leave it for a few minutes to dry.

5. Get your epoxy kit. Surely, there are many varieties in the market so make sure that you’ll get the suitable one for your sink. Generally, an epoxy kit has resin and hardener, too. Using the ingredients, create your mixture according to the manual that came with the package.

6. When you are done with the mixture, get a small paintbrush or a matchstick. Dip the brush or the wooden part of the match into the mixture and apply it on the sink’s chipped off or cracked area. Apply it liberally, ensuring that it fills the crack up to the surface. Remember though that you should let the epoxy dry first before applying another layer.

7. After applying the filler, leave it alone for some time (depending on the package instructions) to let it totally dry up. When there’s no sign of wetness, scratch the surface again with the sandpaper. Afterwards, coat the area with enamel paint using a small paintbrush. Guarantee that it’s of the same color as your sink.

8. Let the surface dry and once again apply another layer of enamel paint. Repeat this process until the color of the affected area already matches the rest of your porcelain sink.

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