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Drain Cleaning | Tennessee Plumbers When it comes to drain cleaning, people call in the professionals only as a last resort. It’s human nature always to find some way to save money. Unfortunately, the Internet has become a double-edged sword as it gives some people the impression that with a few video tutorials, they think that they can do it on their own, even if the problem needs the expertise of the trained technicians of Plumbers 911.

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Your drain can clog from the most common of household items that we mostly take for granted every day. Even a falling hair can turn into a clump over a long period, which can be a pain to unclog. The cleaning fluid you can buy at Home Depot might only be a stop-gap measure especially if the situation isn’t addressed. For most of us, when we see the water drain, we immediately think that the issue has been fixed. Then again, the quandry will come back and slap you in your face at the time when you least expect it. That means your pipes could burst just when you have visitors at home, or when you have no extra budget for the repair. Life can be funny that way. We have invested in the most modern drain cleaning equipment and tools in the market today. For instance, we have rooters and snakes, electric drills and cutters, as well as specialized apparatus for every type of pipe or drain crisis. What that means is that Plumbers 911 can fix the glitch without further complicating the situation. That means we limit the costs to the clog itself rather than having to carve a hole in your wall or floor to expose the clogged portion. Our qualified technicians will explain to you the whole process, so you are assured that you don’t spend more than what you need.

We Offer Affordable and High-Quality Services in Tennessee

How much is your rate? This is the most common question that our operators are asked when somebody calls in the Plumbers 911 hotline. Unfortunately, we could not issue a blanket statement without making a full assessment of the problem. What we will guarantee, however, is that any quote we give will be competitive compared to the market rate. Or to put it simply, every cent will go to the materials required to fix the dilemma, and a little bit for our labor and overhead costs. That’s just fair, right?

Save Money With Proper Maintenance by Calling Our Trusted Tennessee Experts

drain cleaning service | Tennessee PlumberDuring the wintertime, especially when there’s snow, your pipes can become fragile and break. Just like electrical wiring, the pipes are the most overlooked part of the household maintenance budget. They only get our attention when it’s already clogged, or water is already leaking all over the house. Call our professionals who can trace your pipes and assess their strength and estimate the lifespan. If they need replacing, we will be sure to let you know. And if they can be salvaged through repair, we will also offer that advice. We realize full well that sometimes, the family budget is already stretched far enough.

Why Call Plumbers 911

Our contractors have years of experience behind them. Coupled with our extensive knowledge in the field, what you will get is the right solution to your problem. We are one of the foremost authority in plumbing in Tennessee. More than fixing the issue, we can also help avoid future problems as well. That might seem bad business to some, but we do treat each case that is referred to us as an opportunity to showcase what Plumbers 911 is all about. Also, we can accurately assess whether the situation is with your drain line, sewer line or main line. Each requires a different application to maximize the results.

Pro Tips to Avoid Clogging Your Drain

With a large family, a clogged drain is almost unavoidable. Our contractors, however, offer these easy tips on how to avoid similar problems. • Pour hot water down your drain at least once or twice a month. This will help release off some of the glop or chunks that can clog the drain. • Cover the drain hole with a screen or hair catcher, and that immediately solves 60% of your issue right there. • Make sure to spend some time cleaning the screen or stopper regularly. • At regular intervals, pour some anti-bacterial liquid agent down the drain, at least for hygiene’s sake especially on your bathtub.  

Avoid These Bad Practices at All Costs

• Don’t pour vinegar down your drain. While it can sometimes dissolve the buildup, you are courting trouble because the acid can damage the pipe. • Don’t attempt to use a snake coil to clean your pipe if you have no idea what you are doing. Again, you are inviting trouble because the coil can snap and hurt you or those nearby. You might also tear something inside the cavity.  • Never bite more than you can chew. The draining system is a complex one. There’s a reason why plumbers need to undergo training before considering themselves masters in the field.

Watch Out for This Red Flag

If you seem to need to clean your pipes every year or once or twice every few months, the predicament could be more severe than just a few cleaning agents you buy off the shelf. The professional will examine every nook and cranny of your pipes to pinpoint the obstacle. The best ones have snake cameras that can see the clog without necessarily turning your house upside down. What you may have in your hand is a collapsed pipe, or sometimes a root can crawl through the pipes and cause a major obstruction. You will agree that there’s no cleaning liquid in the market today that can effectively liquefy a tree root. When the issue worsens and affects your mainline, trust us when we say the expenses you will incur will really eat up the family budget. Call our hotline now and get an estimate for your drain cleaning needs!

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