14 Jul

An FAQ On Residential Fire Sprinkler System Layout And Installation

sprinkler-system-layoutDid you know that fire accidents are among the most common causes of property damage? For that very reason, a reliable fire sprinkler system must be installed in your home or place of business to protect your investment and your loved ones in case fire accidents arise. Learn more about the layout and installation of fire sprinklers from our blog today!

The Necessity Of Fire Sprinkler Systems


Fire sprinkler systems are not accessories or add-ons that should be taken advantage of only by those who have grand mansions. In 2008, the IRC made a vote to pass a new provision that necessitates single-family homes to have fire sprinkler systems installed. Though there were a lot of debates, the provision was passed and has been implemented since then.

The Advantages Of Having Fire Sprinklers


Whether you’ll put them in your home or in your place of business, there’s only one bottom line. A fire sprinkler system protects your property and your loved ones in case of fire accidents. Hundreds if not thousands of properties have escaped from total destruction caused by tragic fire accidents that usually started with things as simple as a candle that caught the curtains or a grease fire in the kitchen. Obviously, having fire sprinklers is without a doubt essential.

How are fire sprinklers laid out?


The installation of a fire sprinkler system is something that should be well thought of. It’s not as simple as buying sprinkler heads and putting them wherever you want. First of all, the type of sprinkler heads to be bought will be decided upon. There are hundreds of types available in the market which makes the decision process a little bit more challenging. To figure out the right type, certain factors must be addressed such as the ceiling condition. Is it flat or is it sloped? Are there any ceiling configurations that may slow down the fire sprinkler activation?

Once these questions are addressed and the right type of heads is purchased, the installation spots will be determined. Since homes vary in terms of design and layout, there’s no single layout that will work across all structures. Even two identically laid out home may have two different fire sprinkler installation layouts. That’s because they may have two different types of sprinkler heads.

What should be remembered when laying out the sprinklers is that they must be installed in accordance to your local building codes and regulations. They should also meet the primary goal of the installation which is to get activated early on to stop the fire immediately, avoid casualties and lessen damage to the property. If you want to know more about fire sprinkler systems, it is best to consult a licensed and professional plumber.

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