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How To Replace A Toilet Like A Pro

how-to-replace-a-toiletOver the years, your toilet will get cracked, wobbly or leak. When the problem is not too severe, simple repairs usually do the trick. However, when repairs no longer work, replacement turns out to be the last resort. Now before you get a new toilet and start doing the work on your own, you should know that a toilet replacement project is not easy, rather a bit more complicated. If you want to know how it is done, read on and check out this DIY guide!

Old Toilet Removal

1. Turn the toilet’s water supply valve off then flush it a few times until the tank and the bowl are both empty of water. If there’s a little water left inside the bowl, you can scoop it up. When you have removed all the water, you may go ahead and proceed to the next step.

2. Lay down some newspapers or old towels in one area because you’re going to put the old toilet bowl on top of them later. This way, the bowl won’t break.

3. Afterward, detach the water supply line from the toilet by unscrewing the nuts that secure it to the fixture. When you’re done, check the base of the toilet. Look for the caps that keep the toilet secured to the floor. Remove the caps and unscrew the nuts that you’ll uncover.

4. Then, get a utility knife and use to scrape off the caulking at the base of the toilet. Rock the toilet side to side then carefully lift it up. Put it on top of the old towels or newspaper. Meanwhile, use a putty knife and to get rid of the wax gasket as well. And to prevent sewer gas from escaping the drainpipe, plug it with an old cloth or rag.

New Toilet Installation

1. Now let’s proceed with the installation of the new toilet. Before you start, make sure that the installation area is clean.

2. Check the bottom of the new toilet bowl. Slide a new wax gasket onto its outlet and make sure that the gasket’s tapered side is facing away from the fixture. Check the existing toilet flange. Is it still tight and not rusty? If it’s no longer in good condition, it must be replaced as well.

3. Caulk the toilet’s base and then remove the pug from the drainpipe. Carefully lower the fixture on top of the toilet flange and then press it down. Tighten the nuts and washers, too. When the toilet is already level, put the caps on the bolts. Caulk the edges of the toilet’s base once again to seal the connection between the fixture and the floor.

4. Now insert the tank bolts in their proper places then put the new tank over the bowl. Tighten the nuts and washers to secure the tank to the bowl. Don’t forget that the tank should also be level. When you’re sure that it is, connect the water supply line.

5. Turn the water supply valve on and let the tank fill up. The following day, test flush the toilet and check it for leaks.

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