28 Aug

Don’t Let These Sink Wastes Get Into Your Drainpipes

sink wastesWe have all heard the famous line, “Prevention is better than cure.” And while this quote is mostly used in reference to taking care of one’s health, it may also be applied in plumbing. It may not be that hard to attend to plumbing issues but why should you when you can actually prevent them in the first place?

In line with this, we want to talk about the different sink wastes that should not go down your drains. Preventing these things from getting into the system will avoid nasty clogs that result to great inconveniences that interfere with your busy schedule or destroy your daily routine. So read on and enjoy our blog for today!

1. Grease

We are all familiar with grease. Over time and as the temperature in the pipe cools down, grease will solidify thus resulting to annoying blockages in the system.

2. Egg Shells & Coffee Grounds

It may not seem harmful to throw these things down the drain hole or grind in your disposer but take note that when these items are ground, they can easily cling on to sludge. Once they stick, they’ll automatically create clogs.

4. Rice and Pasta

To begin with, cooked rice and pasta are so sticky. Also, once they’re wet, they will swell up and clog your sink traps.

5. Stringy Vegetables | Fruit & Veggie Peelings

Don’t grind stringy vegetables include celery and asparagus in your garbage disposal. Also avoid grinding fruit and veggie peelings such as those of potatoes, bananas, apples and onions.

6. Bones

No matter how sharp your disposer blades are, it will be best to prevent throwing bones in the drain. Surely there are other ways to dispose of these things. For instance, you can simply give them to your dogs — except for the really small ones which can choke them.

7. Cat Litter

The sink is not really the ideal place to dispose your cat litter. Aside from the fact that it’s animal waste and not really hygienic, you may also contaminate your plumbing system by exposing it to such substances.

8. Chemicals

And by chemicals we refer to harsh drain cleaners; corrosive substances; flammable substances and even automotive or construction chemicals. Yes, these include paint, brake fluid, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, solvent, wood preservatives, thinner and anything similar. Again, the presence of such substances in your system might contaminate your clean water lines.

9. Medical Waste

Don’t throw anything infectious into the drain. These include medical wastes, blood samples or tissues and cotton used in medical procedures. Also avoid throwing in cotton swabs and condoms. These should be done away with properly and not through your sink or plumbing per se.

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