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What To Expect On Bathroom Renovation Costs

bathroom renovation costTo have a bathroom renovated is every homeowner’s dream. Actually, any kind of home renovation for that matter is part of our every goal especially if we’ve been staying in the same house for quite some time. You just have to remember though that it doesn’t matter whether you want to increase your home’s selling value or change the ambiance or improve the room for aesthetic purposes. Whatever reason you have behind the renovation, you still have to work on your budget because the project will cost you. So the big question is, how much do you have to prepare for bathroom remodeling? Here are a few ideas to answer that question.

According to the Kitchen & Bath Association, the budget for a typical bathroom improvement project is comprised of 20% for the labor, 16% for the cabinets & hardware, 15% for the fixtures, 14% for faucets and plumbing, 7% for countertop upgrades, 9% for floor renovations, 4% for doors and windows, 5% for walls and ceiling, 5% for lighting and ventilation, 4% for concept fees and 1% for miscellaneous items. While these figures are a bit overwhelming (you surely didn’t expect to include all these in the project), the bottom line is that the cost varies. And it varies due to a lot of factors.

First of all, contractor rates vary across geographical locations. In recent reports, it is stated that renovations done in CA are more on the expensive side. On the other hand, Southern state contractors charge the lowest remodeling fees. Another factor that you have to consider is how much do you want to change? Do you want to keep the tiles? Ditch them? Change your plumbing fixtures? Do you want to expand the room and move your plumbing? All these and more add up to the cost of your project.

In a reliable online resource, it was also mentioned that $16,000 can cover the renovation of a 35-square foot bathroom. It should already have a porcelain toilet, a 60-inch tub (could be steel or porcelain), a single-lever shower, a counter with sink, floor laden with ceramic tiles, a medicine cabinet and some nice-looking wallpaper to boot. But who can actually tell the actual price?

With the cost of supplies and professional services changing every time, the best way to estimate for the cost of a renovation project is to simply create a plan and get quotes from professional contractors based on that plan. Of course, you can do the project by yourself if you’re a DIY enthusiast. But if you are moving your plumbing, it is recommended to let plumbing professionals do the dirty work for you. It’s not that they’re the experts and you’re just a rookie. It’s just that there are certain building codes and regulations that should be followed and your friendly plumber knows all about those. They’ll not only ensure that the project is done right but that you’re also not violating any building code.

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