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How To Care For Your Sink Pipes

sink pipesYour sink pipes (and all the other drainpipes) you have at home get the most beating whenever you use your plumbing. Imagine this. All the soiled water, waste materials and even the food scraps you grind in your garbage disposal pass through these pipes every time you use your faucets, tubs, showers and plumbing appliances. However, just for the sake of this blog, we’ll talk about your sink pipes only. Every time you wash your dishes, brush your teeth, wash your food, clean your pots and pans, your sink pipes transport all the dirty water out of your home and into your septic tank or the public sewer system your property is connected to. Over time, substances can cling onto the walls of these pipes and accumulate — up to a point when they’ll already affect the flow of water in the system or totally block it. This is how we get clogs in our pipes. They just build up. So without regular care and maintenance, you’ll often find yourself caught in the midst of nasty clogs and suffer a great deal of inconvenience. So today, we’ll share some tips on how to maintain your sink pipes! Read on and enjoy doing these basic DIY tasks!

1. After you clean up at night, make sure that you’ll pour hot water (or simply run the hot water faucet if you have one) to prevent grease from clinging to your pipes. Hot water is also great for rinsing off mineral deposits in the system.

2. Clean your pipes by using home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar. You can do this thorough cleaning once every couple of days to keep the pipes in good shape. Simply pour a cup of baking soda (any brand you have) into the drain. Follow it up with a cup of vinegar. Let the two ingredients react chemically so they can extinguish the sticky substances that got stuck to the walls of your drainpipes. Once there’s no more bubbling reaction, pour hot water (preferably boiling hot) into the drain. This will rinse the ingredients off.

3. If you want to keep the drains smelling fresh, simply get a lemon, cut it in half and squeeze one half of the fruit into the drain! Voila! Natural freshener!

4. Install screen traps on your drain so that nothing can get into the types that shouldn’t even get in there in the first place.

5. When using your garbage disposal, remember not to grind items that will just clog the system. These include rice, pasta, coffee grounds, stringy vegetable peelings, potato & banana peelings and of course, grease.

6. You may also clear your drains using good old Alka-Seltzer tablets. Drop three pieces down the drain and then pour a cup of white vinegar. It will create a fizz, clearing the sticky substances clinging on your drainpipe walls.

7. If you really want to try other cleaners, use the enzymatic type. It’s also natural and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that may corrode your pipes in the long run. What it does is that it produces bacteria that destroy bad bacteria once poured into the drain.

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