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A Detailed FAQ On Professional Sewer Cleaning Equipment

sewer cleaning equipmentIf you’re wondering what types of tools and equipment will you need to clean your sewer or drain lines, today is your lucky day! We’ll give you some information about the ins and outs of sewer cleaning as well as the machines that are responsible for the job. Unfortunately, we don’t really recommend cleaning the lines on your own. The machines that we use are supposed to be operated by professionals who have undergone the required training in order to efficiently complete the task without causing accidents or plumbing issues. So if you’re not really a skilled plumber, please don’t do the cleaning on your own. Anyway, let’s begin!

What is sewer cleaning?

Sewer cleaning is a plumbing task that involves the removal of sticky substances and waste materials that cling onto the walls of your sewage pipes. For some homeowners, cleaning is on a “as needed” basis. But if you are the cautious type, you would want to have your lines cleaned regularly to retain the smooth flow of sewage; prevent clogs in the system; avoid backflows and other types of plumbing issues.

What equipment are needed to clean the sewer?

Well, your friendly plumber will drive a utility truck to your home. It is equipped with high-quality machines for inspection and cleaning, too. The inspection equipment include a generator to provide power; a video monitor and computer; cable and winch plus a specially designed camera. Their cleaning apparatuses include a sewer jetter and also a professional-grade snake (in case they need to get rid of clogs in your lines).

What is a sewer camera?

A sewer camera is a first-rate viewing device connected at the end of a long cable that is then inserted into the drainpipes. It is illuminated to see through dark areas and therefore allow efficient probing of the environment. This will verify the current status of the pipes; check for cracks, leaks or root intrusions and also identify the areas where buildups occur.

What is a sewer jetter?

A sewer jetter is a high-pressure cleaning apparatus that works by blasting water through the system in order to get rid of grease, sticky substances and waste materials that got stuck into the pipe walls. These equipment are also known to others as water jetters or hydro-jetters. Now if you’re wondering if they can only used in residential establishments only, well, they can also be used in municipal sewers. With that said, you would need training and experience to be able to operate these cleaners without hurting your pipes.

What is a sewer snake?

In case of a blockage, your plumbers won’t only need a hydro-jetter. Nasty clogs can only be hooked out or broken with the help of a sewer-grade snake. It’s different from the drain snakes or augers that you use in your kitchen sink because it’s larger and more efficient in breaking through solid objects — even tree roots.

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