27 Apr

A List Of Septic System Problems You Should Watch Out For

septic-system-problemsIn our previous blogs, we have talked about the two major components of your plumbing system: the clean water line and the sewage line. Now one important part of your sewage plumbing is your septic tank. If you don’t have one, then your property is probably connected to the municipal sewer system. Now if you do have one, you must spare some time to read our blog today because we’ll be talking about the different septic system problems that you should watch out for!

1. Tree Root Intrusions

We have mentioned before that there should never be trees or vegetation planted near the area where the septic tank is installed. Otherwise, strong tree roots will intrude the sewer lines which can later on get into the tank as well. When this happens, expect a lot of problems. These roots will grow inside until they totally block the lines.

To get rid of these roots, you must hire a licensed plumbing contractor who’s not only trained but is also equipped with the right tools. They also know the environmental laws that they should comply with when using chemical treatments. The solution should be done in such a way that the potable water supply won’t get polluted or contaminated.

2. Clogged Septic Filter

Another problem that you should watch out for is clogging. If your septic system won’t be cleaned regularly, you’ll sooner or later experience clogged septic pipes and filters. Solid wastes also get into the tank that is why the filter is installed there. It protects the drainfield from contaminants that may harm the treatment of liquids. However, you should now that you cannot unclog the septic tank and its components. Only a licensed plumber can do this for you.

3. Sludge Accumulation

Speaking of solid wastes, sludge settle at the bottom of the septic tank. When the tank gets too much solid waste, there’s a big possibility of an overflow. To prevent this from happening, the tank should be sized according to your household’s needs. It should also be pumped out regularly so check with your plumber to identify your tank’s pumping schedule. You should also watch out for signs of a full septic tank. These include backouts, backflows and foul odor coming out of your drains. If your fixtures (especially your toilets) drain slowly, that is also one sign that the septic tank may already be full.

4. Damaged Tank Baffle and Drainage Lines

Components of your septic system are also vulnerable to damage. When the tank baffle and the drain lines are broken, cracked or deteriorated, they should be repaired or replaced immediately. Otherwise, worse problems will ensue. To guarantee that your septic system is at its tip-top shape, you should have it inspected and maintained. Remember that a licensed plumbing professional is equipped and trained to perform inspections and repair on a septic system. They would know the best route to take when fixing a broken septic line or a drainage pipe. They would know how to get rid of clogs in the system as well. So don’t take this kind of problem into your own hands. Let the professionals do the dirty job for you!

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