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Plumbing Appliances Installation and Repair | NJ Plumbing ServicesWashing machines, dishwashers, garbage disposals: these are the kinds of things we use every day and don’t realize how much our lives depend on them until they suddenly break. Our clothes and dishes remain dirty, or maybe (even worse!) there’s a huge flood in our kitchen or laundry room. Suddenly that old reliable machine we trusted isn’t so reliable anymore. Thankfully, Plumbers 911 New Jersey is committed to providing top quality, around-the-clock plumbing services throughout the state. If your plumbing appliances cause a situation that must be addressed urgently, we can respond as quickly as our name suggests.

Understanding Your Plumbing Appliances

As previously mentioned, the items that fall under the category of ‘plumbing appliance’ are some of the most used elements of your home, ranging from large appliances like washing machines and dishwashers to smaller ones that are easier to overlook, like your garbage disposal. These appliances should work well for many years with proper maintenance. It’s important to have a basic understanding of how they work so that you can recognize the signs that maintenance is needed which will save you money over time.
Washing machines: Taking proper care of a washing machine is mostly common sense: always use the appropriate laundry detergent for your machine, and air out the interior after use to prevent mold growing. But you should also periodically inspect your machine’s ducts and hoses to make sure that there are no blockages, loose connections, or the faintest signs of small cracks. Small, nearly unnoticeable problems like these could quickly become much more serious. Replacing these parts periodically will help ensure that you have no problems with your appliances. If you’re concerned about doing any of this yourself, a Plumbers 911 technician would be able to assist you with these precautionary measures.
  • A common problem is buildup in the interior: Especially if you have a high- efficiency washing machine, you will want to take particular care to use only “HE” detergent, and to clean the interior rubber gasket periodically to avoid buildup. Failing to do so could require you to replace the gasket.
Garbage disposals: It’s important to keep disposals clean and use them properly to ensure that they operate correctly for a long time and don’t cause blockages to your drain pipe. Blockages can be prevented by regular use and cleaning – running a little dish soap down the drain will do. Disposing some food waste down your disposal, such as chicken bones, actually has a cleaning effect on your disposal.  Of course, there are some items you should avoid pouring down the drain, such as animal fats and other oils that can accumulate in your pipes over time, causing blockages. If your disposal has some unpleasant odors, these can be solved by putting citrus fruit slices or peels down the disposal. Vinegar can also help when your disposal is in need of a thorough clean.
  • A common problem is a backed up garbage disposal: this is often actually a clogged kitchen drain line, caused by overworking the plumbing. Remember, never put your hand directly down the drain to clear a blockage, and use a tool to retrieve lost items instead. If you have a serious blockage, a plumbing expert can help!
Dishwashers: Thankfully dishwashers are relatively low-maintenance appliances, but like all others they should be regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure that they continue to function properly. Like with a washing machine, you should check the gaskets for any cracks that might cause leaks in the future. Replace these parts as necessary to prevent larger problems. Also inspect the sprayer arm to make sure that it isn’t clogged. If there are any blockages, you can use vinegar to help clean them away. This will make sure your dishwasher runs as efficiently as possible, and will help avoid larger problems in the future. Your dishwasher likely also has a filter for catching food waste, and this should also be cleaned periodically.
  • A common problem is a backed up dishwasher: This can cause flooding in your kitchen, so it’s important to fix quickly! It may simply be caused by food buildup inside the machine. Make sure to turn off the electricity before you investigate for safety. If you’re unsure about the cause, or if the backup isn’t caused by a simple blockage, contact us immediately to address the problem professionally.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Appliances?

garbage disposal | NJ plumbing companiesIf your appliances require costly repairs, it may be time to replace them rather than repair them. Some repairs will also only temporarily prolong the life of your appliance, and it may be more prudent and cost-effective to simply repair them at this point. Your Plumbers 911 technician will be able to walk you through the options, and help you make the best choice for your home. Even if your appliances are not in urgent need of repair, there are many reasons why you might consider replacing them for updated models. Progress in technology means that newer plumbing appliances are capable of more features than ever before, offering you convenience. Updated washing machines and dishwashers run more quietly, improving the quality of life in your home, and can use water more efficiently, meaning that you save money while protecting the environment. If you’ve chosen to upgrade your plumbing appliances, contact us to have an expert assist you with proper installation.

Plumbers 911 New Jersey is your BEST Choice for Plumbing Appliance Services

Plumbers 911 New Jersey is a great name to remember for when the time comes to fix or replace your plumbing appliances. Instead of contacting a single plumber, you’ll be accessing an entire network of top industry professionals. Every expert affiliated with us is trained to the highest standard and fully licensed. For plumbing work in New Jersey, there’s no better place to turn.

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