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Bacflow Prevention | Newark PlumberPlumbers 911 is pleased and honored to serve the city of Newark. With a population of 277,140, it makes the nation’s 67th most populated municipality. With a large population, come many options and choosing a Newark Plumber may be a difficult task. Finding the perfect one can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. For it is often difficult to align a plumber with extraordinary qualifications with a competitive price and wide range of services. We combine all three and offer a full range of professional services. We do everything from repairing, replacing, and installing of all things plumber retaliated. Contacting us is a wise solution- for we provide you with a solution to all of your needs. Why contact multiple contractors when you can have the security and quality of one you trust?

Our Unsurpassed Qualification

While choosing a plumber may seem an easy task on the surface, nothing is further from the truth. Choosing the wrong plumber can end up costing you time, money, and stress. Cheap prices can be deceiving, and the plumber may not be as qualified for the task as they let on. Here at Plumbers 911 we offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality in the least. In fact, our qualifications and quality set us far above the rest.

All of our Technicians Have:

• Over 10,000 hours of training • Had extensive background and drug screening tests • Actively pursue continued education • Are fully licensed and insured • Are part of a network of 100s of verified and trusted contractors These qualifications and safeguards provide you with security and peace of mind. No one wants a shady individual inside their home and fear for their safety, their property, and their belongings. Our thorough background checks ensure that you receive not only a qualified technician but one with a great character and personality. Backflow Newark NJ | Newark Plumber A fully insured and licensed professional is a must for any task. In the event of the problem complication- this protects you from any additional money coming out of your pocket to cover unexpected damages.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our techs are available 24/7 year round. We understand that emergencies rarely happen during business hours and will be on site within the hour to help resolve your problem. For all appointments, you can expect courteous, friendly, and professional service. When you call after-hours with an emergency on your hands, you will never be subjected to an answering machine. A real and knowledgeable individual will quickly take your call and dispatch the best technician suited to the task. All of our service specialists wear uniforms and keep their trucks clean and organized. Our dedication to professionalism and organization transfers to our treatment of your home.

No Task Too Big or Too Small

Unlike some Newark plumbers who specialize in one area and offer limited services, we offer many. Trusted and recommended since 1910, we have ample experience with business needs as well as residential. Dreaming of a kitchen remodel? Give us a call to ensure plumbing is done correctly. Clogs, leaks, or unpleasant smells- we have your solution. We offer complete services on: • Drain Cleaning • Water Heater Repair, installation, and replacement • Home Remodeling and outdoor kitchen/shower installations • Leak Detection • Sewer Inspection • Gas Systems • Faucet Repair and fixture installations And that’s not all: • Fire Sprinkler System • Backflow Prevention • Toilet Repair • Boiler repair, replacement, and installation • Plumbing Appliances • Mainline Video inspections • Hydro-jetting • Outside Hose Faucets • Basement de-watering sump pumps / emergency battery backup • Septic Tank & Grease Traps • Sub-Metering • AND MORE Our mandatory continuing education ensures that we are on top of the best techniques and practices of solving your problems. We use state-of-the-art equipment and cameras for checking your mainline and pipe inspections. Our services such as Hydro-jetting have been proven to cut down on service calls due to clogged drain lines. This service uses powerful jets of water to blast through stubborn clogs, residual build-up, grease, and even invasive tree roots. With competitive prices, many services to choose from, and skilled plumbers, why not give us a call today. We are dedicated to both our long term customers and our short-term clients. We pledge to provide the best quality service, at the best possible price, and the best technicians. Newark Plumber Putting off repairs can cost you more in the long term, and choosing a plumber before an emergency strikes can eliminate the hassle of finding a reputable plumber in a short amount of time. Call us today for all your needs. If you are experiencing an emergency and need someone to quickly fix the problem give us a call right away. We are available 24.7 and will gladly assist you in any way possible.  

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