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As a home or business owner, there are few things scarier than a natural gas or propane leak. The threat of an explosion or devastating fire on your property can weigh heavy in your mind. However, with proper maintenance and installation, a gas system will remain safe and reliable for years. Gas appliances and heaters typically use two types of fuel: natural gas and liquid petroleum gas (LPG for short). Natural gas is usually piped into a home from underground lines. LPG contains propane, and can be compressed into liquid form and delivered in tanks.

Advantages to Using Gas in Your Home

natural gas systems | NJ plumberThere are a number of advantages to using gas in your home or business, both financial and environmental. In recent years, natural gas has become more available due to the use of new technology and the discovery of new deposits of the resource. In addition, competition among producers has further driven down the price. The resulting savings can average about $650 per year compared to a home using electricity for the same tasks. Natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline or fuel oil. Given proper emission controls, a natural gas power plant produces 50 to 60 percent less carbon dioxide (a major factor in global warming) than conventional power plants burning coal or oil. When comparing tailpipe emissions, a car running on natural gas releases 15 to 20 percent less carbon dioxide than a traditional gasoline engine. In addition, much of our natural gas is produced in the United States, meaning that less fuel in expended in transporting it here. When consumed, natural gas produces significantly less of the following pollutants when compared with burning oil or coal: • Carbon Dioxide – The primary greenhouse gas. • Sulfur Dioxide – The primary component in acid rain. • Nitrogen Oxides – The main precursor of smog. • Particulate Matter – Small particles in the air which can reduce visibility and aggravate asthma.

Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas is a flammable substance, and there are common sense precautions that you can take to minimize your risk. In its natural form, it’s odorless and colorless. Utility companies typically add additional chemicals to give it a distinctive smell. However, there are other signs that you may have a gas leak in your home or office: • The distinctive smell of natural gas. • Hissing or whistling sounds. • Visible damage to a gas line or connection. • Dead or dying vegetation in an otherwise well-watered area.
clean gas systems | new jersey plumbingIf you suspect that there may be a leak, it is important to deal with it immediately. Always keep a flashlight handy for investigating the source of natural gas in your home. Never use matches or candles to trace the leak. Check the pilot lights of appliances first. If one or more are not lit, Shut off the appliance’s gas supply valve and open the windows and doors to ventilate the area. Wait at least five minutes before relighting the pilot according to the appliance manufacturer’s instructions. If the problem is not a pilot light, or if the problem persists, immediately evacuate the building. If you can, turn off the main gas supply to the building. Then call 911 and your local utility company.

Routine Maintenance

It is vitally important that you inspect your gas appliances regularly. An undetected lead can release carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas which can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, and even death. If you suspect that you are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, get out of the building immediately. Carbon monoxide detectors are readily available and are a good safety investment. When inspecting your gas system, you will want to check the following items for damage and corrosion: • Valves and connections • Pilot lights • Steel tubing, particularly in refrigeration units However, if you do find a problem with your gas system, it is NOT a do it yourself job. In some jurisdictions, it’s actually illegal for someone without the proper certifications to work on a gas system. We suggest that you call Plumbers 911 for a certified expert technician who can provide you the fast, reliable service that you deserve.

Converting to Natural Gas

Converting your home from electricity to gas can be surprisingly easy and affordable. Most gas appliances have identical outside measurements to existing electrical units. Gas supply lines are relatively small in diameter compared to water pipes, and can often be routed alongside existing pipes. Of course, building your new home with gas from the ground up is easiest of all.

Why Call Plumbers 911 for Your Gas Systems Needs?

In order to properly install or repair a gas system, you need a good plumbing contractor. That is where Plumbers 911 can help. We are a nationwide referral network representing reliable and competent plumbing businesses in New Jersey and other states. Our affiliates have to meet strict criteria to join our organization, ensuring that they provide the following: Professional, timely service: As local leaders in the business community, our members are have worked hard to build their good reputations, and do everything in their power to provide fast, reliable service. After all, it is their names on the service vehicle, not the name of some giant chain or franchise operation. As local contractors, they are also very familiar with local building standards and construction codes. Well-equipped and certified technicians: Our plumbing experts are licensed professionals who have each completed over 100,000 hours of coursework and practical training. Our members also provide them with continuing education on the latest equipment and techniques so they keep their competitive edge. Affordable Service: Our affiliates offer competitive prices because they know the local economy. Again, with their good names at stake, they believe in giving good value for your dollar. Reliable, trusted service professionals: Your safety and trust is important to us. That’s why we require that all of our technicians submit to a background check when first hired, then periodic drug testing during their time of employment. So if you need your existing gas system repaired or updated, or if you’re considering switching to gas in your home or business, please contact us at Plumbers 911. We would love the chance to meet your gas and plumbing needs.

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