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Frozen and Broken Pipes Repair | Plumbers of New JerseyNew Jersey often has very harsh winters, which can cause water pipes to freeze and burst. Just one single broken pipe can cause major property damage costing thousands of  dollars in repairs to the home. No home or business owner wants to pay for these repairs to their property, which is why it is critical to be prepared for this type of issue before winter starts. There are things that a property owner can do to shield against damage to their pipes in winter. Some they can do themselves as well as having professionals such providing regular care. To ensure that your pipes continue to work as they should, ensure that annual upkeep is provided especially before winter starts. It is always best to get the services of  a professional plumber for cases such as this. Burst pipes could cause flooding and damage to property hence proper care is needed once our pipes freeze during the sudden drop of temperature.

Why Do Water Pipes Burst After a freeze During Frigid Winter Temperatures?

A burst pipe is a property owner’s worst nightmare, and can cause thousands of dollars in damage. So, what causes a pipe to burst when it freezes during these frigid New Jersey winter temperatures? Water expands as it solidifies into ice, during this time, it slowly forms onto the inside of the pipe wall. As it forms inward it pushes the water back toward the main. Once there is a substantial amount of ice blocking the pipe no more water is able to get through.
Separating the closed valve and the plug is now not only ice but water as well if more ice forms and begins to expand it will have nowhere to go and the pipe eventually will burst. The bursting usually happens at the weakest point in the pipe. This can be small cracks, joints or other points that may cause the pipe to be weak.

Are Hot Water Pipes Burst More Apt to Freeze than Cold Water Pipes?

Pipes carrying hot water are more apt to freeze than cold water pipes for the simple reason that they have s higher temperature of water in them. This makes the development of ice more challenging. Since the water cools (meaning it goes below 0 degrees Celsius), trapping and blocking the water between the ice and the closed valve, the pipe bursts because of the rapid formation of the ice occlusion. It is for this reason that hot water pipes are more susceptible to freezing that cold water pipes.

How to Prepare and Guard Your Pipes from Freezing

frozen burst pipes | NJ PlumbersTo ensure that your water pipes are prepared for the frigid New Jersey winter temperatures prevention and maintenance is important each year. This is especially important if this is your summer home, and you are leaving for the winter. Ensuring that any problems are identified and corrected is critical as well as other major or minor aspects of upkeep that you or one of our technicians can conduct. A few things that you can personally do as a property owner are: • Identify all of your shut off valves and ensure they work this includes your main shut off valve as well as how to operate it. • Determine if there are any likely problems; areas where pipes are likely to become a frozen or burst pipe i.e. (outside walls, crawl spaces, ceilings, attics, etc) • Wrap pipes with UL-approved heat tape and insulation • Unhook any garden hoses and turn off and drain any pipes progressing from the outside faucets • Ensure that your home is kept above 32 degrees Celsius as this is the temperature water freezes at. It is suggested to keep it no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. • If you are leaving the home then ensure you open cabinet doors under storage areas and sinks to allow heat into them. Things that you can have a professional do annually to help in preventing frozen pipes inside or outside the home are: • Winterizing pipes with insulation • evaluate and correct any potential problems in the plumbing system • protect/fix/support possible weak spots in the system • Flushing water out water systems; if you are not leaving for the winter make sure that outside systems such as Jacuzzi’s, pools etc are drained and protected. In doing these your property should be guarded from broken and frozen pipes during the winter. There are times that even if you have worked with these preventions an issue may arise with your pipes and when it does, calling a professional is important, as some broken pipes are covered by homeowners insurance, and if you try to repair them yourself it voids your insurance.

What to Do Before Calling Plumbers 911 New Jersey When Your Pipes Freeze and Burst.

If you have a frozen or burst pipe there are certain things you should do before calling our plumbing professionals. Frozen Pipes and Burst pipes have different ways of handling them, here are some tips below. Frozen Pipes: • First turn off the water supply at the stopcock (stop tap) this is under the kitchen sink. This will help to minimize any damage to the property if pipes do burst. • Save/Protect any assets- any important items you would hate to lose needs to be moved including furniture and clothing as well as covering electricity mains box as well. • Locate the frozen pipe- check each sink for the flow of water to locate the area of issue. Low, or no flow means you’re near the problem, you can feel along the pope for frozen areas and distended areas. • Thawing the pipe– use a hair dryer or hot water bottle to thaw the pipe. NEVER heat it with a flame. Ensure that the tap near the pope is open so that the water melting flows out. • If you are not sure after this call our technicians immediately. Burst Pipes: • Again turn off the water supply at the stopcock, or stop tap which is under the sink in the kitchen • Drain as much water out of your system as possible so water is stopped from flowing through the house. This can be done by turning on all cold water faucets and flushing all toilets. • Turn off the electricity if at all necessary especially the one near the pipe that is burst • Collect the water that (if a ceiling is bulging, release the water from it with a long handled instrument.) Doing this helps to lower any water damage to the property. • Call your property insurance company– this way you can start any claims process you may need. • Record the damage and take inventory of anything that was damaged- make videos and take pictures for the insurance company • Call us to fix the pipe quickly and efficiently. (Some insurance companies will void a policy if a professional plumber is not used to fix the issue.) • Ensure you keep each and every receipt that is used in fixing the leak.

Why Call Plumbers 911 New Jersey for Your Broke/Frozen Pipes?

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week; to ensure that your issues are taken care of quickly. Our technicians are highly-trained and certified, as well as being up to date on all of the new technological advances in plumbing. This helps to be able to repair, service and maintain your plumbing correctly and with the most up to date professional grade equipment and tools that is available on the market today. Our prices are competitive and reasonable for our clients, as we know that prices should show quality without being expensive. We also ensure that each one of our technicians and specialists pass a background and drug test so that our customers will feel safe with them in their home. When you need help with frozen or burst pipes call us as quickly as you can and we will be there to repair your issue correctly the first time every time.

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