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Find the Clog Easily with Bridgewater Plumber’s Mainline Video Service

Quickly Find out Where the Issues Are When Our Plumbers 911 Bridgewater Technicians Use Mainline Video, No Digging Needed!

Technology has improved much over the years and it has crept into every crook and cranny of the world, including plumbing. When having an inspection of the Mainline done it can be done by video now instead of having to dig it up when there is a problem. Now inspections can be done and repairs can be done before the main ruptures or breaks.  Our Plumbers 911 Bridgewater NJ technicians are trained with high-tech equipment to ensure quality service with each job that is completed.

How Do Local Plumbers in Bridgewater Use Mainline Video?

A professional feeds a flexible rod attached to a high-resolution camera into the main line via remote control. Images are then sent to a camera operator. Radio transmitters record depth as well as the location of any blockages, spots needing repairs, etc. All this is done without having to dig up a single piece of sod or break through any wall.mainline video services | Bridgewater Plumbing Services This particular type of inspection can also be used inside the home were blocked and faulty plumbing is that is not easy to reach. This gives the plumber the ability to identify any problems and even prevent any future problems from happening. Some of the obstructions that may be found are dirt, debris, tree roots, and damaged areas in the pipe, etc. as well as degrading areas of the pipe. Being able to find the troubled spots of broken pipes, cracked and offset joints, blockages and more without excavation of the pipe is important as the costs in doing so can get very expensive.

Benefits of a Mainline Video

When having a mainline inspection conducted it is beneficial to use mainline video for many reasons.  Through cutting edge technology our Bridgewater plumbers can slip into the hardest to see and reach areas, this helps to ensure that your entire sewer and plumbing system is in working order.  The normal pipe maintenance and diagnostic tests previously conducted are now more efficient with the use of video technology. Because of the high-tech of this technology, repairs, installation, and inspections are easier and can be done with minimal disruption to the soil and surrounding area. If a video system was not used and a leak or clog was buried beneath the ground it would make it extremely hard to find and deal with the issue. Once the problem is found the costs to repairs are less as the contractor has not had to dig up large portions of the pipe to find the problem. Other benefits of mainline video are:
  • No guessing games – no need to guess where the problem is with the video we can tell exactly where the problem is and how to fix it.
  • it is easier to locate current and future problems and correct them quickly and efficiently.
  • ability to locate valuable objects with the video. i.e. valuable rings and even the family cat have been found in the pipes and sewer lines.
  • less damage to the home- no large chunks torn up or out of the floor or walls to find and pinpoint a problem as the video helps to do that to an exact point.
  • helps save money on expensive repair jobs
  • can validate the condition of the new installed or cleaned pipe.
  • can validate what a plumber says must be repaired.

Importance of Having a Mainline Inspection from Licensed Bridgewater Plumbers in NJ

mainline video services | Bridgewater NJ ServicesIt is important to have a mainline inspection as to ensure proper drainage, in your sewer and plumbing lines, ensure that there are no tree roots in your plumbing pipes, and also ensure that if you have an older home that your Orangeburg pipes (if you have those) aren’t disintegrating or collapsing as they are want to do over time. Older homes should always have an inspection completed as they may have had replacements conducted on the system or need a replacement done. The inspection can tell all of this and more. When buying a new home it is important to have the mainline inspected as a new home is a large investment, and doing an inspection can save you thousands of dollars.  These are items that you can negotiate to have the seller or builder correct before you sign papers or move in.

Mainline Video Inspections for Home Buyers/Sellers/Remodeling

Whether buying or selling a home, it is important to have it inspected, even if the seller offers you an inspection report have your own done anyway. The reason being is that the inspection given may be an out of date one or may not accurately reflect the condition of the property. Some sellers may attempt to repair any damages that an inspection report has shown and those repairs may not be to your standards or of your home inspector. It is especially important that a mainline inspection be done when buying a home as you never know what will be found.  There are good reasons to also have a Mainline video inspection done:
  • Home older than 20 years: plumbing may have Orangeburg pipes which deteriorate and
  • Visible trees and roots on the property- these can compromise a plumbing line quickly
  • Raised or cracked concrete near the home- indication of roots pushing beneath concrete
  • vacant home for more than 3 months- complications can develop quickly
  • if you want to remodel- don’t let your new basement, or bathroom get flooded because of unforeseen problems.
Basically, before you buy, sell or remodel a home have it inspected just so you know that all your pipes are in good shape. It is also a good idea to have your pipes mainline video inspected annually, as to keep one step ahead of any nasty problems that could arise. When you need a mainline video inspection conducted for your home, or one you are wanting to buy, contact Plumbers 911 technicians as we can ensure you will know everything about your pipes once our inspection is completed. Our specialists are highly trained and can locate any problems that your plumbing system may have.

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