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Your pipes carry water, grease, and other debris away from your residence or business, this over time can block up plumbing lines and prevent them from doing their job. The most effective way to clean the sludge and debris from your lines is through a process called hydrojetting. Many professional plumbing contractors such as Plumbers 911 use this method to clean up blocked or sluggish sewage lines.

What is it?

reliable hydrojetting services | Bridgetown PlumberHydrojetting is the process of blasting a stream of water at high pressure through sewer and plumbing lines until the blockage is removed. The water is usually set to around 4000psi, which works very well. It is known to clear; silt, scale, sand, hair clogs, tree roots, grease and food particle build up and more. It clears out pipes in ways that snaking cannot. While snaking breaks up the clog, this process breaks it up and removes build-up on the interior walls as well. It is also environmentally friendly as no chemicals are needed to help in breaking up any clogs. It should only be done by a professional highly-trained plumbing contractor, as damage to plumbing and sewage lines could occur if they are not inspected first.

The Art of Hydrojetting

A professional plumbing contractor will inspect the area that is going to be jetted first as the area needs to figure out the exact problem and location. Also inspections with a video are usually used that way weak spots can be identified as well. If any weak spots are identified other forms may be used to unclog the drain as the process may break a weak pipe. In doing an inspection, it can prevent many unforeseen issues as well as the backflow of sewage into other areas. The jetting tool works as it is propelled forward by reverse jets, however as it moves forward down the pipes it shoots out high water pressure steam that cleans out your pipes of debris and sludge. The forward and reverse water jets work in cohesion with each other to break up the blockage in the lines and remove debris as well.

Is It Beneficial to Use?

Waterjet-CleaningThe best reason to use this is that it is safe and chemical-free, so it is a green way to have your pipes cleaned. There are many pipe cleaning methods that use chemicals to help break up the blockage in pipes and these chemicals can damage the pipes over times, however, it will not as it is just plain water cleaning the pipes. Not only that, but there is nothing left to flush out or clean from the pipes as the process has done both, clean and flush the lines. It can remove such blockages as tree roots, rocks, grime, and other blockages as well. Machines that have the same function that the Jetter does may not completely remove all of the blockages that the hydro-jet will. Another big plus of cleaning clogs in this way is that it can also help to eliminate foul odors and bacteria that may live in pipes. Pipes are made from many different types of materials, including plastic PVC which is used in some places for plumbing. Hydrojetting is even safe to use on these types of pipes. It is becoming the most effective way to unclog and clean a pipe, and can keep the pipes clear of debris from 3-4 years.

When Should It Be Used?

It should be used when other plumbing methods of getting rid of clogs and debris are not working. It can be especially helpful on cleaning out cooking oil, grease and other similar objects that will clog a line, forcing the problem right out of the line. When trauma may be caused to the line by other types of clearing such as snake then using hydro-jetting would be preferable. It can also be used to clear drains/pipes up to 1-inch in diameter.

Superior to Other Cleaning Methods

There are many reasons that it is superior to other drain and sewer cleaning methods. The main reason for that is because it is environmentally friendly, and cleans and clears the pipe, whereas snaking it can cause it to become clogged again by the same thing in the near future. Hydro Jetting will quickly remove all clogs and debris from the line. Some cleaning methods can damage the pipes, with this, it is a safe non-intrusive way to have the lines clean and unclogged.

Call a Licensed Plumber in Bridgewater NJ

2The process should only be performed by a certified plumbing professional such as our Bridgewater plumbers. The main reason is that high-pressure water can crack and break weak points in the water lines. If the plumbing isn’t inspected before the process is done then the pressure could damage and break the lines. The best way to have a pipe inspected before having it jetted is to have a video inspection done. If this is not done then damage could occur to the pipes that could add up to thousands of dollars in damages and repairs.

Trust Bridgewater Plumbers to Do the Job For You

A professional can also use the process as a way to keep maintenance costs down for you. If regularly inspected and jetted, there is no reason to have your pipes repaired or for them to clog. Our specialists are qualified in their field of expertise and then some, as we ensure that each one continues their education so that they may keep up to date on all the newest technological advances in hydro-jetting and its equipment. When you need this service completed on your property, don’t hesitate to call your local Bridgewater plumber as we are available for all your plumbing needs including removing those nasty clogs and buildups. Our technicians will be there quickly and will ensure that your issues are handled quickly and easily. Do not wait till you have a clogged drain, if you suspect there may be a problem in your pipes due to slow drainage or something else call us and we will be more than happy to take a look.

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