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dependable faucet repair | bridgewater plumbing servicesLying awake night after night to the sound of drip, drip, drip can be vastly annoying. Not to mention how much water and money they waste over time. A leaky or dripping faucet is costly as it can water up to 200 gallons a month, that is a lot of water even a slow drip can show up as a large utility bill. Most people that have a leaky faucet don’t know that faucets serve 15-16% of the water in the home. Ensuring that your faucets are kept in proper working order by having them regularly serviced and maintained, may help to save your home or property from a costly water bill and damage to the home.

Leaky Fixtures Can Cause Material and Financial Damage

Leaky fixtures in your home can not only cause substantial water waste a month they can also cause you material and financial damage as well. Water that is leaking from the faucet can start to puddle under the sink and this will mean damage over time to the floor as well as cause mold and mildew to grow there as well. This can make a repair even more costly than just having the leak or drip repaired itself. This price far outweighs the costly utility bills as well as the pricey remolding to repair the damage the leak made to the floor underneath your sink. Unless you have been looking to remodel the particular room with that leaky sink then ensuring it is repaired quickly is critical.

Why we need Water Conservation

faucet repair | Bridgewater PlumbingWater conservation is a big item all over the world, as the fresh water supplies are being rapidly depleted all over the world, and most developed nations take water for granted. Our bodies need water to properly function day after day, as we can go for weeks without food, but just a few days without water. Our food that we require such as plants and animals use water as well. Hydropower would not be possible without water either, it would be a challenge to create electricity without the proper amount of water that is required in this way. There are also many items that we use that are made with water such as laptops, clothing and paper and these items can account for at least 5% of the water that is used in the US alone.

What Types of Faucets Should Be Repaired and Replaced

Faucets can be repaired quickly and easily and all at an affordable cost as well, however, there are some faucets that instead of being repaired should be replaced. These are older faucets that waste more water than their modern counterparts. Plus, it is a great way to upgrade that particular room a bit. Any plumbing repairs or replacements should be conducted by a professional as sometimes do it yourself jobs can make matters worse resulting in still needing to call a professional.

Conserving Water Through Faucet Repair

When having or repairing a faucet there are a few ways you can start the conservation of your water. • Install a WaterSense faucet- If you have an older faucet that doesn’t have an aerator and one will not fit your faucet this is an option. • Find out if your water provider has low-flow aerators for free or buy one at the local home improvement store for $1-$5 each. • Attach an aerator to your faucet- these screw onto the tip of your faucet and are the most cost-effective water conservation method you can provide for your household. • Install a low-flow, or high-efficiency showerhead to reduce water waste. • Ensure that your lawn and garden faucets are leak free and have been updated to the same energy efficiency as inside. Doing just these few things can save you thousands of gallons of water a year, and lower your utility bill as well. Plus if you have had to replace your fixture you get a new look to your bathroom or kitchen.

Outdoor Water Faucets Need Repair Too

Outdoor faucets can waste just as much water as inside faucets if left to leak, so make sure they are repaired or replaced as well also. It can be in the handle or in the spout but by fixing it you can save yourself money. Outdoor faucets should always have a plumbing professional attend to the issue. The reason being is that rather being screwed onto the supply line the valve stem could be soldered to it. A technician will be able to remove and repair the faucet easily without causing damage to the supply line or other objects.

faucet repair | Bridgewater PlumbingLet a Bridgewater Plumbing Expert Seek out Leaks in Your Home

Ensure that you look for leaks in your home some may be unseen, and some may be right out in the open. Look for your water thieves regularly, and when you find them contact our technicians to repair the issue for you. Make sure to check under sinks, outside in your garden at the tap, and even the washer connection as these are water faucet connections as well and can start to leak over time. Washer connections for clothes washers will go unnoticed for a long time unless needed to be turned on and off for some reason.

Preventing Faucet Repairs by Calling a Professional Plumber in Bridgewater

Whether it is your kitchen, bathtub, shower, or another faucet that needs repairs, calling a professional plumber is always a good idea. A licensed technician can ensure that the feature is installed, or repaired correctly so that no further problems exist. This also is true with home improvement projects as well, if you are in the process of remodeling ensure that you have a certified plumber such as our Bridgewater plumbing experts as they will ensure that everything is installed correctly, thus no leaks will sneak up on you. Calling our team of Bridgewater technicians at Plumbers 911 NJ is a great idea, as we are licensed and insured and guarantee our work. Each one of our specialists will make sure that your repairs are done quickly, efficiently and when you need them, at a price you can afford.

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