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Water Heater Repairs | Missouri PlumbersWater heaters are like the workhorses of our plumbing systems.  We use them constantly without even considering their existence.  Usually the term “out of sight, out of mind” applies perfectly to them; however, when one stops working you are painfully aware of the issue. If you have a problem with a water heater and you would like to have it repaired contact Plumbers 911 at (816) 326-8643 today and we will send a certified technician to your home to review the appliance and give you a reliable estimate as to the cost to have it fixed.

Have a Missouri Professional Inspect Your Water Heater

There are a number of types of water heaters, each with its own peculiarities and unique technological aspects.  The types of water heater include:
  • Conventional heaters. A conventional water heater keeps water in a tank where it is heated and stored for use.  When you turn on the “hot” water faucet water flows from the tank out of the faucet; as this occurs more water flows into the heater’s tank where it is heated and stored.  Generally speaking a conventional water heater will last for 10-15 years; with careful maintenance you can extend its life as well as increase its efficiency.
  • Tankless heaters. A tankless water heater is more efficient than a conventional one because a tankless heater only heats water as it is needed, whereas a conventional heater maintains a full tank of hot water.  Because it does not have a tank, a tankless heater takes up less space than a conventional one.  It may, however, require larger gas lines going into the heating element, and it might also require special venting to safely remove the fumes put off by the burning gas it uses.  Because of this it is essential that you only allow a licensed Missouri technician to work on a tankless heater; a failure to properly vent these gases can be fatal!
  • Hybrid heat pump heater. Using less energy than other options, a hybrid heat pump water heater will pull heat from the air and use it to help heat the water.  It does use a tank and can often improve efficiency by more than 50%.
As you can see, a water heater is not a simple piece of machinery to work on.  Further, due to the use of gas, proper venting is a must when repairing or replacing a water heater.  Failure to properly vent this appliance can result in the release of dangerous gases into your home, resulting in serious injury or even death to the occupants.  For this reason, any time you want to have repairs performed on your hot water heater, it is important that you insist on only allowing a licensed professional perform the work! At Plumbers 911 we only dispatch licensed technicians to inspect and, if possible repair your hot water units.  You never have to be concerned that the person working on your water heater is anything less than supremely qualified to perform the work in which he or she is engaging.

Water Heater Troubleshooting is Complicated; Have a Certified Missouri Technician Perform Your Inspection

Water Heaters | Missouri PlumbersDue to the wide variety of types of water heaters out there, and the various models of each type, inspecting a water heater to ascertain what is wrong with it can be a challenging job, to say the least.  Fortunately, at Plumbers 911 we only use professionals who are at the top of their field.  Our contractors are highly-trained and more than qualified to look at your heater and determine what repairs need to be made. Don’t fall prey to some of the “plumbers” out there who may be operating with little training and no certification.  Ensure that you have only professional technicians working on your water heating issues.  We only use the best and brightest, so you can be sure that when we send you a professional he or she will be able to pinpoint your problem and repair it in the most cost-effective manner available.  In the event that your water heater is beyond repair, he or she can go over your replacement options with you and educate you as to the pros and cons of each option.

If Your Water Heater has a Leak You Should Have Your Repair Performed by a Licensed Professional

Water heaters—like anything else dealing with water—sometimes develop leaks.  When this happens to you it is important that you have a licensed professional there for your repairs.  Left unrepaired—or improperly repaired—a leak can lead to significant damage both to your water heater and to your home.  Don’t take the risk that a questionable repair will come back to haunt you; instead, call us today at (816) 326-8643 and let us send a certified technician to your home.

Other Reasons to Use a Certified Missouri Professional

Licensing boards exist for a reason: by issuing licenses, the board can set standards for competence and professionalism and require that applicants meet these standards.  In short, the requirement of a license for someone to be considered a professional plumbing technician is there for the protection of the consumer (that’s you). Don’t run the risk that the person you hire will not be properly licensed and certified.  We only work with properly-credentialed professionals who have passed the licensing requirements necessary to be a licensed plumbing technician in Missouri.  When you call us and we send someone to you, you can be sure that you are getting a quality technician who knows the ins and outs of water heater repair (as well as every other aspect of the plumbing field). Call us today and tell us what your issue is.  We’ll be happy to put you in touch with a highly qualified professional who will come to you, diagnose your problem, and tell you what it will take to fix your water heater.

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