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Grease Traps | Local Missouri PlumbersSeptic tanks and grease traps both serve a purpose in keeping your facility running smoothly and without interruption. However, both can be prone to serious mishaps which can result in a mess that can be a challenge to clean up at the least and downright dangerous at the worst. If either your septic tank or your grease trap is having some issues—or if you want to ensure that they continue to perform their respective duties without incident—you should have a certified professional come inspect and service them on a regular basis. At Plumbers 911 we maintain a database of licensed technicians who are fully qualified to assist you in maintaining, repairing, or replacing your septic tank or grease trap. Our contractors are well-versed in the intricacies of these systems and are able to perform the necessary maintenance which they require without incident. Call us at (816) 326-8643 and we will be happy to send someone to your location right away. Septic tanks—when running properly—are highly efficient, fully-enclosed water treatment systems. Most of them are comprised of two major parts: the tank itself and a drainage field where clarified wastewater may be dispersed into the ground.

How the Septic Tank and Grease Traps Works

When wastewater enters the septic tank it remains in the tank for a period of time, usually no less than a day. During this time the water essentially separates into three layers: on the top is a layer of lighter-than-water matter such as grease, oil, and other such matter. In the middle is a layer of wastewater which is partially clarified, meaning that a significant portion of the waste has been removed from it. Finally, on the bottom is a layer of sludge where the heavier solid waste settles.
The top layer and the bottom layer remain in the tank where specific bacteria worked to digest the layers and break them down. In the event that something cannot be broken down by the bacteria, it remains in the tank until the tank is eventually pumped out by a certified Missouri technician. In the meantime, the middle layer of partially clarified wastewater flows out of the tank into an area designated as a drain field. There it is slowly distributed back into the soil by means of a series of trenches filled with coarse gravel. The wastewater slowly trickles through the gravel into the soil; this is a safe process as the gravel and the soil are biological filters which remove any impurities from the water. Because of the nature of a septic system it should only be serviced and maintained by a qualified professional. Amateur repair jobs on a septic system can have disastrous consequences resulting from leakage of untreated wastewater into the soil. This can require expensive repairs, especially in the event that the entire system has to be dug up and repaired or replaced altogether. Effects of sub-par work on septic systems can include:
  • Unsightly seepage into the drain field area
  • Disease risk from improper venting of wastewater
  • Unpleasant and persistent odors
  • Environmental hazards from improper disposal of solid wastes
  • Sewer pipes backing up into the home or business
  • Clogged pumps
  • Expensive repairs requiring excavation of the entire septic system
You will be happy to know that here at Plumbers 911 we only work with licensed professionals. Call us today for your septic tank maintenance needs and we will happily send a certified technician to you. You can rest assured that our contractors are highly-qualified and certified in every relevant area. You never have to be concerned that they will perform anything less than exemplary work on your system. Save yourself the headache of inferior work. Call us today and get a real professional who can help you keep your septic system running the way it should.

A Grease Trap Needs to be Serviced by a Certified Missouri Technician

Septic Tanks and Grease Traps | Missouri PlumbersA properly-functioning grease trap is an essential part of running a foodservice facility. Proper maintenance performed according to a schedule will help keep your grease trap running without interruption. As you probably know, when you run a foodservice facility you only make money when your doors are open. As such, it is crucial that you have your grease trap service on a regular basis in order to avoid unnecessary down times in your facility. An improperly maintained a grease trap can create health hazards in your facility. From unpleasant odors to attracting disease-carrying insects, to posing a fire hazard, a grease trap which is not regularly serviced can be dangerous to your employees and customers alike. In the event your grease trap needs to be repaired or replaced we are the go-to source for licensed professionals. We maintain a large network of certified contractors across the state of Missouri and we can have someone at your door at just a moment’s notice. Don’t take a chance on hiring someone who does not possess and maintain the necessary credentials. At Plumbers 911 we take all the guesswork out of it by pre-screening each and every professional in our network. When we send someone to you, you can rest assured that they are the best in the business and qualified to work on your grease trap (or any other plumbing apparatus). All of our contractors are insured, meaning that you never have to concern yourself with what might happen if something goes wrong. Instead of taking a gamble and hiring someone of dubious quality with uncertain credentials, let us help you find the best professional for the task at hand. Finally, when we send someone to you, you will find that he or she is happy to speak with you in answer any questions you may have. This leads to better customer experiences and a greater rate of customer satisfaction. Call us today at (816) 326-8643. We look forward to helping you!]]>

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