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backflow prevention | missouri plumbersLike many aspects of the business of plumbing, backflow prevention is both extremely important and often under-appreciated. Irrigation systems, fire sprinklers, and in some cases your entire home’s plumbing system should include a backflow preventer. Give us at Plumbers 911 a call to find a licensed and insured Missouri plumber in your area who can install and maintain your backflow prevention devices. So what is backflow, and why is preventing it so important? It starts with the water then comes into your home. As soon as it leaves the main city line or the underground water source that feeds your well, your water is susceptible to some form of contamination. The vast majority of the time it is perfectly safe, but in the case of lawn irrigation, especially, chemicals or other pollutants can taint the quality of your water. Have you ever noticed how, when you turn off your house’s main water valve, your faucet seems to spit air out once you turn the water back on? This is because even a closed valve can suck in air when the water pressure behind it is suddenly reduced. This can push the water that is already in your lines through the closed water valve at the place where your water pipe meets the city line, and potentially pollute or contaminate the water that everybody else uses.

Missouri Plumbers Know that Backflow Prevention is Important

Irrigation systems often contain fertilizers, insecticides, or other chemicals that could pose a serious health hazard if they were released into the public’s drinking water, so it is easy to see why the state of Missouri requires backflow preventers for these systems, as well as annual tests on your backflow prevention devices. Backflow preventers are also required in many commercial applications, so if you plan on starting a car wash, running a medical facility, or opening a hair and nail salon, make sure your backflow is taken care of.

Ask a Missouri Plumber: Which Type of Backflow Preventer Do I Need?

There are four main types of backflow preventers, and the one that you require will depend on exactly what you need it for.
  • Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer (R.P. Unit). The R.P. Unit is the most expensive option, but it is also the best for irrigation systems that will be using heavy chemicals, and a standard choice for commercial applications. It must sit a foot above the ground, so keep in mind that it will be clearly visible, wherever you decide to put it. Your local Plumbers 911 expert can help you determine if this heavy-duty backflow preventer is necessary for what you need, or if something a little more affordable will suffice.
  • Double Check Backflow Preventer. When you don’t quite need the R.P. Unit, but you still need a good backflow preventer for your irrigation system, a double check device might be your best choice. This is the only backflow preventer that can be installed underground, although the R.P. Unit can sometimes be installed in a large basement. Make sure that a double check device is legal in your locality before you install it and don’t get the double check device confused with a dual check device, which is not suitable for use with irrigation systems at all!
  • Vacuum Breaker. You can use either an atmospheric vacuum breaker (AVB) or a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB), although the PVB is preferred because it is easier to install and you only need one. PVBs are installed at least six inches above your highest sprinkler head, preferably toward the highest end of a sloped lawn. These are acceptable for irrigation systems that won’t have chemicals of any kind added, although your local regulations may not permit the use of vacuum breakers at all.
  • Anti-siphon Valves. These are the cheapest option for many and tend to work best in small yards or gardens. They must be installed after any other types of valves (or downstream, in plumbers’ terms). Like vacuum breakers, they have to be installed six inches above your highest sprinkler head. If you will need six or more anti-siphon valves, you might actually save money by choosing a PVB instead, which can handle backflow from more than one water line.

Choose a Plumbing Tech in MO Who Knows the Ropes

Backflow prevention can be a tricky business because there are so many do’s and don’ts with every different type of backflow preventer. Add state and local regulations into the mix, and even the handiest DIY homeowner may find their head spinning. When you choose Plumbers 911 to locate a professional in your area, you can know that your backflow will rest in qualified hands. From helping you to choose the best backflow preventer for your situation, to meeting every regulation with its installation, our plumbers will keep your drinking water safe.
  • We contract with licensed and insured professionals. This means that every Missouri plumber we send to your home knows what he is doing, and you are covered in the rare event that something goes wrong.
  • We have contractors all over the state, enabling us to offer you the most competitive prices in your area. Local contractors will also ensure that you won’t have to wait long for a professional to arrive.
  • Many aspects of plumbing require highly specialized tools. That’s why we make sure to only contract with professionals who use the most advanced technologies in their field.
  • To top it all off, we also perform drug screens and background checks on every one of our contractors. You can rest easy knowing that we will help keep your environment drug-free, and your property will be respected.
When it comes to backflow preventer installation, there is no better place to turn than Plumbers 911. Give us a call today at (816) 326-8643 to schedule an appointment with a professional in your area, and to meet a qualified contractor that you will want to work with again and again.

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