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Gas Systems | Missouri Plumbing ServiceNatural gas and propane are quickly becoming the preferred energy source for millions across the country. It is more affordable than electricity, and better for the environment. If you have decided to make the switch to natural gas or propane, Plumbers 911 can find you a qualified technician in your area to install and maintain your gas systems. It can take a while to switch your entire home to natural gas or propane, because you have to replace your current electric appliances with gas appliances. Many homeowners start with one that needs to be replaced, often the furnace, to introduce natural gas or propane to their home. Running gas lines to other parts of the house is simpler and costs less as you begin to replace other appliances.

Some of the appliances that can be switched to natural gas or propane

  • Hot Water Heater. If you choose a tankless water heater, your hot water supply will be virtually limitless – perfect for those mornings when you and all three of your kids need to shower in a row.
  • Stove. Many cooks find that it is much easier to control and maintain a steady temperature on a gas stove compared to an electric one.
  • Washer and Dryer. Gas dryers take less time to dry your clothes, produce fewer wrinkles and less static than electric dryers, and many can even sense when your clothes are dry and continue to tumble without heat.
  • Furnace. Switching to natural gas for your home heating needs can save you $1,000 per year on heating or more.
  • Refrigerator. You can usually use either propane or natural gas for gas-powered refrigerators, although some gas appliances can only use one or the other.
  • Generator. Whether you plan to power your homestead with natural gas or simply want a backup in case the electricity goes out, you can even get a natural gas or propane powered generator.

Gas System Installation Process from an Expert Missouri Plumber

A word of warning: Your lawn will be involved in the installation process. Once you have decided which type of gas you want to use – or if you would like the opinion of a reliable Missouri technician – your next step is to give Plumbers 911 a call. We will send out an expert, who will help you decide exactly what you want. After one more phone call to 811, to have all underground utilities marked before the digging begins, you will be ready to break ground.
Gas Systems | Missouri PlumbersThis is where your lawn comes into play. Your installer will first dig trenches in the ground where your gas lines will be run. If you want a belowground propane tank, expect a gaping eight foot hole or so where it will be buried. An above ground propane tank will probably need to sit on a concrete pad, so you may have to have one poured beforehand. Natural gas is less destructive to your landscape; since it hooks into an existing natural gas line, there is no need for a tank anywhere in your yard. Finally, your Plumbers 911 professional will install the gas lines, bury them, and help you hook up your gas appliances. If you are switching from propane to natural gas, our professionals can install any fittings or converters that your gas appliances may need. Fill your new propane tank, turn on the gas, and your new gas system installation is complete.

Propane or Natural Gas? Your Missouri Plumber Does Both

When deciding which type of gas to use, there are many different factors to consider.
  • Environmental Impact. While natural gas is much better for the environment than other energy sources, it can still contribute to pollution. Propane, on the other hand, is one of the cleanest burning fuels commonly available and is nontoxic, so it won’t affect soil or water quality.
  • Availability. In some areas of Missouri, a natural gas line may not be near enough for natural gas to be a viable option. In others, a gas line running right up your road could make natural gas a much more realistic prospect. The availability of a certain gas type can sometimes make the decision for you.
  • Expected Use. Propane is one of the preferred fuels for stoves and grills. However, natural gas is most commonly preferred for hot water systems and home heating. Make sure to research the appliances you plan to switch to gas before you choose which type of gas to use.
  • Cost. As with many energy-saving measures, there is a significant upfront cost associated with switching to gas. You will have to pay for a professional to hook up your gas line, install a propane tank, and perform regular maintenance on your gas system. You also have to pay for new appliances, which can cost substantially more than electric appliances. These systems usually pay for themselves in energy savings within a matter of a few years, however.
  • Aesthetics. Although the look of your preferred system is lower on the priority list when deciding which type of gas to use, it can make or break a decision in some cases. If you have spent thousands on your perfect lawn, you may not want a hulking propane tank as a yard ornament.

Find the Best Plumbers in Missouri Through Plumbers 911

When you count on Plumbers 911 to hire an expert for your gas system installation, you are counting on the best in the business. We contract only with highly trained, licensed, insured, and experienced professionals, so you know that the job will be done right. With plumbers in every region of Missouri, you won’t have to wait long for a licensed technician to show up at your door once you have decided to switch to gas. And since we background check and drug screen every professional we contract with, you can feel comfortable with yours. Give us a call today to get your natural gas or propane system installed.

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