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Water Heater | Kansas PlumbersYour water heater is an essential part of your home. You need it for everything and when it doesn’t work, it’s frustrating and throws your household into a tizzy. Though a hot water heater is a relatively simple appliance, for the most part you need a plumbing professional to repair its problems. Contrary to what you may have heard hot water heaters can be repaired, they don’t always need to be replaced. That’s where Plumber 911 comes in. Our plumbing professionals will come in, diagnose your problem and let you know the best course of action. If your hot water heater is past its useful life, they’ll let you know. In some cases, your hot water heater is fine but needs to be upgraded to one with a larger capacity. Unless your appliance falls into one of the above categories, our technicians will repair it and get your hot water running to your satisfaction.

Common Problems Encountered by Technicians In Kansas Homes

When you have problems with your hot water heater they can manifest themselves in a number of ways. Some of the symptoms can indicate serious problems while others could merely be a signal that the settings that have to be adjusted. Without the assistance of a professional it may be difficult for you to know the difference.
You will notice that you have a problem of some kind if you notice the following:
  • The hot water takes a long time to heat up
  • There is no hot water
  • The hot water isn’t hot enough
  • The water is too hot
These types of problems can be simple fixes. For example, if your water takes a long time to heat up it could be that the thermostat on your water heater has to be adjusted. Of course, it could be that nothing is wrong with the hot water heater itself. When the weather gets colder it takes longer for the water to heat up because it has to run through cold pipes in unheated areas. This problem is easily solved by covering these pipes with pipe insulation. These are simple, inexpensive sleeves that slip over the exposed pipes. If the water isn’t hot enough or is too hot, this again is usually a thermostat problem. It could be that the setting has to be adjusted or the thermostat has to be replaced. Experts will test this by changing the water heater thermostat setting, waiting a little while and then testing the temperature again by turning on the faucet. If the water gets warmer, your thermostat is intact. If not, it probably has to be replaced. If there is no hot water at all it could be that the pilot light went out. If you aren’t comfortable relighting the pilot or you don’t know how, our experts will do it for you and show you how to do it yourself if you’d like to learn.

Symptoms of More Serious Problems With Your Kansas Water Heater

Hot water heaters can have more serious problems that can only be addressed by an expert. These problems can have other ramifications besides simply providing an insufficient water supply. Yet these problems can be serviced and your hot water supply restored to its previous functionality. Here are some symptoms that can be indicative of a more serious issue:
  • There is water on the floor near your hot water heater
  • You hear odd noises coming from your appliance
  • Steam comes out of your faucets
  • It sounds like the water in your appliance is boiling
  • Water smells bad or is a funny color
Your appliance has water running through it constantly. The minerals in the water supply can crystallize and form scales on the walls of your water heater similar to the scales that prevent a humidifier from acting properly. When this sediment builds up too much it affects the flow of the water and causes you problems. But don’t worry, a professional can be fix this problem. Residential Water Heater | Kansas Plumbing ServiceWhen sediment builds up in your hot water heater it can cause it to make odd noises or it can make sounds like a popping or gurgling. In both of these cases, sediment is the most likely cause. If you have a sediment buildup our technicians will drain the appliance and flush it out. If it is an electric device, the sediment may have built up on the heating element in which case you will have to get the heating element replaced. If your water smells bad or is a funny color you may have a different problem, one of which has nothing to do with your appliance. If the odor occurs only when you turn on the cold water, the appliance is not the problem. It could be the source of your water that’s causing the problem and it may be a good idea to install a water softener or a water filter. Our professional staff can handle that. If the hot water smells a little like rotten eggs, it indicates a high concentration of sulfates. A flushing of your system may help or you may need to replace the anode rod. If it smells like garlic, your pilot light could be the source of the problem. This smell can be indicative of the pilot light going out. If our experts turn the pilot off and the smell doesn’t dissipate, it could be a problem with your gas supply. An expert is definitely in order and if our professionals weren’t on site to discover it, leave your home and call us from a remote location. This could be a serious problem if gas is escaping and builds up in your home. Your water heater also has a temperature pressure release valve. This is designed to release the pressure if it builds up to a certain level and to shut the heater off when it reaches a certain temperature. If it is broken, faulty, or improperly installed the pressure can build up to a dangerous level and the result will be the boiling noises or steam coming out of your faucets. This is a dangerous problem because the steam can cause your skin to get scalded from its high temperature. The valve should be replaced by an expert to ensure that is installed correctly and operates properly.

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