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Boiler Repairs | kansas plumbingA proper functioning boiler is essential in maintaining sterile heat in your home or office heating. A frigid winter day in Kansas could turn into a nightmare if you do not have a reliable plumber lined up that does boiler repairs. Our professionally trained plumbers are highly skilled in boiler repairs and deliver superior 24/7 emergency boiler repair in the greater Kansas area. So no matter the day or time you can rest assured that we will be there for all of your boiler heating systems installation and repair needs! We employ only the most qualified service technicians on our team, all of which are expertly trained and certified to perform each job that we send them to complete. When you choose Plumbers 911 for your boiler system needs, know that you are receiving the highest-quality Kansas plumbing services in the safest, most reliable and convenient manner available.

Complete Boiler System Services In The Kansas Area

We at Plumbers 911 specialize in all things boiler. As the best plumbing service in Kansas we provide our valued customers with boiler services, repairs, sales, installation and maintenance in residential, commercial, industrial and municipal settings. Our service technicians have the skill, know-how and qualification to service, install and repair any make or model of boiler. Additionally, we are your trusted Kansas go-to plumbing company fully certified and licensed to perform boiler inspections for your new boiler installation, be it commercial or residential.

Signs That Your Boiler Needs Attention

Just because your boiler is incapable of speaking does not mean that it cannot tell you when something is wrong because it can and it will. You just have to know what to listen, look or even smell for. Read on to learn the warning signs that the boiler in your Kansas home or office building needs professional attention. Educating yourself on the warning signs means a faster fix which ultimately means less of a chance that the problem will manifest itself into a more serious and costly issue.
  • Debris or soot: It is wise to check the surrounding area of your boiler on a regular basis for signs of trouble. If in such an inspection, you notice debris or soot coming from the unit you may have an issue. Soot and/or debris coming from a boiler unit typically is a sign of a heat loss issue or a thermal tracking.
  • Water: If you notice any water, even the smallest amount, puddling around your boiler there is most likely an underlying issue. Water coming from a boiler could mean a busted seal, cracks in the body itself or even loose. All of which will cause your boiler to pull more energy in order to maintain your homes desired temperature. Which means higher utility bills!
  • Strange noises: Boilers do not talk, we established that, however, they will let you know audibly when something is not right. If you hear clanking, hiss or any other unusual sound coming from your boiler there is likely an underlying issue. Usually a funny noise coming from your boiler means a debris build up that has likely caused a clogged line. Not only will this issue cause an uneven distribution of water, but it could also lead to your unit overheating and shutting down all together.
  • Unusual smell: An unusual smell coming from your boiler is an issue that needs tending to immediately. This could mean a gas or oil leak, and even that the vent system is not properly functioning. A leak of this nature could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a very dangerous and serious condition. If you have a funny smell coming from your boiler call us ASAP for immediate service attention!
  • Rust or corrosion: If there is visible rust or corrosion on your boiler it likely means that the boiler has not been properly maintained and that a service is properly due. Regular cleanings and maintenance inspections are key to long-term boiler health.
If your boiler is exhibiting any of the above warning signs it is recommended that you contact your reliable Kansas plumbers today!

Most Common Problems Effecting Kansas Boilers

boiler | Kansas Plumbing ExpertsA malfunctioning or broken boiler is likely to send your household into a tailspin of chaos, especially given the problem occurs during the cold winter months here in Kansas. Even those boilers that receive all of the recommended maintenance and cleanings can incur problems. Here is a short list of the most common boiler problems: Pilot light going out – This could be a result of a broken thermocouple. Also could be a result of buildup. No hot water or heat – This could be a result of many underlying issues. Freezing on the condensate pipe – This generally happens only during extreme cold, which will cause the piping to backup and shut down the system. Pressure loss – Usually a result of a water leak. Kettling – Due to lime scale buildup. Boiler switching off – This is normally due to low pressure or thermostat issues. Radiator not fully heating – This could be a result of air in the radiator. As one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home or office the boiler requires proper maintenance and attention. If you notice a problem with your boiler call Plumbers 911 today for fast, reliable and effective service you can count on!

Call Plumbers 911 Today For Your Emergency Residential or Commercial Boiler Repair Needs

Regardless of whether or not your boiler issue is residential or commercial we are the Kansas plumbers you need to get the job done right! Our team of trusted service professionals are on standby 24/7 ready to get your boiler back in working order again. As Kansas’ leading provider of emergency boiler repairs and installations, we have the skills and staff necessary to offer you exceptional anytime boiler services. We offer dependable, consistent emergency 24/7 boiler services to the Kansas area because we know and understand that a functional boiler is an absolute necessity. One that if not properly working cannot and should not have to wait until normal business hours to be repaired. If you are experiencing an issue with your boiler system or suspect that there could be an underlying issue, call us, the #1 plumbing service company in Kansas specializing in boiler repair, for unfailingly fast and effective service today!

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