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Sump Pump Repairs | Kansas PlumbersIf your Kansas home has a basement or crawl space it is likely that it will also be equipped with a sump pump. Most of the year in Kansas that sump pump probably remains pretty quiet. However, during the later to early part of the year, when the snow starts melting, you probably expect that contraption to “pump” right into action! So, what happens if it doesn’t? A properly functioning sump pump is essential to preventing a basement or crawl space from flooding. Since the main purpose of a sump pump is to pump in and push water away from your home, so in an essence to keep your home dry, it is imperative that it functions properly at all times. Therefore, if yours is not working properly it is vital that you get a reliable plumbing expert out immediately to diagnose and fix the problem. Plumbers 911 are the premier expert plumbers in Kansas specializing in sump pump repair. Call us today at 816-326-8643 to get a qualified technician to your home to take care of your sump pump problem STAT!

What Is A Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a submersible pump that lies in the bottom of a pit. This pit is usually installed in the lowest part of a home. Most all new homes come equipped with sump pumps, old homes, however, must be retrofitted in order to reap the benefits of a pump. Any groundwater that surrounds your home’s foundation will be channeled into a perimeter drainage system that will divert the water to the sump pit. Once the water in the pit reaches a certain level a switch is triggered that turns the pump on. The pump will then remove the water by directing it to the nearest drain. Sump pumps can either be wired to a home’s internal electrical system or plugged into a nearby outlet. Either way it is recommended that you always keep a backup battery, or emergency power supply alternative on hand in case of a power outage.

Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Attention From The Number 1 Kansas Plumbing Experts

Your sump pump is no different than any other mechanical device. It requires maintenance, care and will at some point give out. Generally speaking a new sump pump should get a good 10 years of life out of it. However, if not properly maintained this lifespan can be drastically shortened. It may be difficult to detect when your sump pump is about to go out as it does not run all the time, but rather only on a needed basis. So then how can you tell if your sump pump is about to bite the dust and therefore preventing a potential basement flooding disaster? Here are a few signs that you can watch for that may indicate your sump pump is about to kick the bucket: sump pump repairs | kansas plumbersConstant on and off: If you notice that your sump pump is frequently turning off and on even at times when it should be running consistently, there might be a problem. This problem is likely something simple such as an improperly calibrated float switch, which is a fast and simple fix. However, if left unchecked, your sump pump motor will burn out much faster than it should leaving your basement or crawlspace at risk for flooding. Additionally, a sump pump that cycles frequently may indicate that your pump basin is too small for the load of water coming in. Long run time: Next time that your pump kicks on take care to listen to it. Does it run for a long period of time, meaning a few minutes or more? If so, it is likely that your sump pump is underpowered. This can mean that either the pump is underpowered for the volume of water that flows into it, or that it does not have an adequate amount of power to push the water the necessary distances for drainage. Noise: You should really never hear much from your sump pump. Except for the occasional faint hum and perhaps a low “thump” when it kicks off and on, but other than that it should remain relatively quiet most of the time. If it is not, if you notice that the pump is excessively loud you could have a number of things going on. Most commonly, a loud sump pump means a worn bearing or maybe even two, which will inevitably lead to your pump crossing over. Also, if you hear grinding or rattling coming from your pump, this is another sign that you should be concerned. Noises of this nature tend to point to a damaged impeller or fan, another symptom that could spell the end for your pump. If you are noticing any of the above symptoms in your Kansas home it is probably time for a new sump pump. Call your Kansas plumbing experts delivering superior sump pump repair service today to receive the best in plumbing repairs available!

Things Your Kansas Plumbing Experts Want You To Know About Your Sump Pump

Though seemingly small your sump pump is likely one of the hardest working mechanisms in your Kansas home. Here are a few things that Plumbers 911 think you should know about such an important piece of equipment:
  • It does not take much water at all to cause hundreds to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. If your sump pump fails during a heavy downpour or rain storm you could be facing hundreds of gallons of water that could rush into your basement at any moment!
  • If your basement floods due to a sump pump failure you risk losing and having to replace your furnace, hot water heater and many other pricey mechanical device necessities.
  • At least a couple of times a year you should check your sump pump for proper functioning. A fast and effective way to do this is to pour the required amount of water into the pit to trigger the cycle and monitor its effectiveness.

Call Your Number 1 Kansas Plumbers Today For Quality Sump Pump Repair Service

Sump pumps may seem rather small and so perhaps not the most important piece of equipment in the home, but they truly do serve a vital purpose. A small amount of time, effort and in some cases money may be necessary to keep your pump in good working condition, but in the grand scheme of things is all are necessary to prevent potentially devastating water damage to your Kansas home. If you suspect that your sump pump may be outdated, obsolete or malfunctioning, call your trusted Kansas plumbing experts today for fast and effective sump pump service!

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