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Toilet Repair | Kansas Plumbing CompanyAt first glance, a toilet seems like a fairly simple invention: you relieve yourself in it, press the handle, and that’s it.  However, a toilet is actually a complicated device with several different areas where problems can develop.  Using a one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to toilet repair.  Before you can figure out what needs to be fixed, you first have to identify the problem area for your toilet. The toilet: that most basic of plumbing fixtures.  Underappreciated, overused, and frequently completely ignored.  Yet when it has some problems, it moves to the top of the list of projects which must be completed.  If you are having some trouble with your toilet—whether it won’t flush at all or it won’t stop running—Plumbers 911 has someone available who can help you.  Call us today at (816) 326-8643 so we can review your situation and help you get in contact with the technician best suited to your needs. Because there are so many areas where something can go wrong, you need to have a certified professional take a look at your toilet to determine exactly what the issue is.  Instead of wasting days tinkering around trying to determine why your toilet has an issue, let a licensed contractor take a look and figure things out for you.  You’ll be glad you saved yourself the time and frustration! Toilets can stop working due to issues in a number of areas, including:
  • The flapper valve
  • The flush valve
  • The shut-off valve
  • The wax (or rubber) ring
  • The base
  • The tank
  • The water supply line
  • A crack in the pan
  • And others!
If you have recently noticed that your water bills are higher than you think they should be, it’s possible that the culprit could be a faulty flapper.  To make matters worse, you often cannot tell just by looking at it whether it is performing correctly or not.  You need a highly-trained professional who can come look at your toilet and determine whether you have an issue in the flapper (or elsewhere).

Do You Have a Hidden Leak?  Let a Certified Kansas Contractor Take a Look

Sometimes you may have a problem with your toilet and not even know it.  The flapper is a piece that sits in your toilet and acts to seal the tank when it is full. When you flush the toilet, the flapper lifts, allowing the water in the tank to flow down into the bowl. Sometimes a flapper may develop a small crack or hole in it—or it may become slightly warped—resulting in a minute leak.  This is a serious issue because it can go undetected for months or even longer, costing you significant amounts in increased water bills.

If You Have Toilet Trouble Get a Licensed Kansas Plumber Right Away

Toilet Repairs | Kansas PlumbersIf you need someone to work on your toilet—or on any other of your plumbing fixtures—contact us today and let us help you locate the best professional for your needs.  We maintain a database of highly qualified contractors who are the best in the business.  When you contact us, we review our database to find a professional close to you who can assist with your particular issue.  Then we facilitate contact between the two of you to ensure that you have the help you need, where you need it, and when you need it. There is no shortage of people out there who slap on a uniform shirt and call themselves a “plumber” but the fact of the matter is, if they don’t have the required licenses and credentials, they really are little more than a person wearing a uniform.  And, as you know, a uniform does not mean someone is competent and qualified to be working on your plumbing fixtures. For your own protection—and for the protection of your property—you should be sure that the person you allow into your home or business is properly credentialed and trained to perform the tasks you need to have performed.  You need to know that when the person says they are a professional, they are exactly that: licensed, trained, and certified. Fortunately, we at Plumbers 911 have done all the homework for you.  You never have to question whether someone we send to you has the proper training.  We only list certified technicians in our database, and we ensure that they have the proper licensing to get the job done for you.

Other Reasons to Hire a Certified Kansas Professional

In addition to maintaining the proper credentials, there are a few other reasons to insist on only allowing licensed contractors into your home or business to work on your plumbing.  You need to be sure that the person has insurance, and you probably want to be able to figure out what he or she is doing if necessary. All of our contractors are fully insured.  This means that if the unthinkable happens and something goes wrong, you will never have to be concerned about who will cover the cost of making things right.  Instead of leaving you awake at night worrying, we can tell you to rest easy: our professionals are covered.  You don’t have to be concerned about a thing. Further, it’s good to be able to ask questions when you have someone in your home or business.  Some “plumbers” bristle at customer questions and refuse to explain themselves.  This can, unfortunately, lead to them over-charging you for work that wasn’t even necessary in the first place. In contrast, our plumbing professionals in Kansas are more than happy to visit with you and explain everything they are doing.  If you have questions, they will answer them.  If you have multiple options in a repair or replacement situation, they will sit down with you and explain your choices. Give us a call today at (816) 326-8643 and let us help you get the right professional to come take a look at your toilet.

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