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Leaking Gas Lines Can Be Deadly, Let a Plumbers 911 Expert Handle It

Gas System | Kansas PlumberHere in the United States, we use gas for many things.  Aside from the obvious use of heating our homes, gas is commonly used for stoves, water heaters, grills, hot tubs, some indoor fireplaces and many others. Therefore it has to be in tip top condition all the time. When your gas system is working properly, there are no worries and life goes on uneventfully.  However, a faulty gas system is one of the most dangerous plumbing issues in existence.  Poor work by a contractor on your water lines can result in inconvenience and perhaps costly repairs; on the other hand, poor work on your gas lines can result in a destroyed home and serious injury or even death to the occupants.  For this reason it is crucial that when you need work done on your gas lines you use a certified Kansas plumber. Here at Plumbers 911 we specialize in putting you in touch with highly trained, certified, and licensed professional technicians who are capable of providing the service you need at a price you can afford.  If you are looking for someone to work on your gas lines, look no further.

A licensed Kansas plumber can test your gas lines

Gas lines are not something to take lightly.  If you ever smell something that smells like rotten eggs you should leave the area immediately and call the authorities.  However, you really should not wait until this happens before you begin to consider your gas lines. A licensed technician should regularly inspect your gas lines and test them to ensure that they are in good repair and not leaking.  Because a gas leak often goes undetected for a lengthy period of time—allowing substantial amounts of gas to leak out and in some cases build up in highly-flammable pockets—your best bet is to regularly have your gas lines tested to ensure their integrity.
A professional should come to your home and conduct an in-depth test on your lines.  This will enable you to be aware of any potential issues so you can arrange for repairs or other preventive maintenance before any problems develop.

How Gas Line Pressure Tests are Done

Gas system | Kansas plumbingOur professionals have a number of different methods they use to determine whether your gas lines are leaking or not.  Two of the most common methods are gas solution testing and pressure testing.  Note that these tests should be conducted by a licensed professional; tampering with your gas lines as a layperson can result in serious injury or death. When pressure testing a system, the plumbing professional will use a pressure measuring device connected to the gas line system to read the amount of pressure contained in the system.  He or she will allow gas to flow into the system and then monitor the pressure levels of the gas for a period of time.  If the pressure begins to fall—and there is no explanation for this such as using the gas in a burner or other appliance—then the technician knows there is a leak in the gas lines.  The precise location of the leak, as well as the severity thereof, will be determined in further testing. Solution testing a system involves going over the gas lines, inch by inch, and coating likely trouble spots with a solution that will bubble or otherwise visually indicate to the technician when a leak is present.  Sometimes pressure testing is used first and then solution testing is used as a follow-up measure when a leak is detected. In addition to the above two methods your licensed professional may have other methods that he or she uses to determine whether a gas leak exists and, if so, how large of a leak it is.

Immediate Repair Once Leak is Detected

In the event your Plumbers 911 professional finds a leak, he or she will have some suggestions as to the best way to repair or replace the leaking gas lines.  Some technicians will use highly-calibrated repair techniques to restore the gas lines to their indicated integrity without requiring extensive replacement; others, depending on the situation, will simply replace the affected areas altogether. Regardless of which solution you choose, know that our Kansas professionals are highly trained and certified in performing these types of repairs.  We only work with licensed, insured, and bonded professionals who are able to deliver the highest level of service and professionalism.  You can rest assured that when we send a plumbing technician to your residence, he or she is among the best in their field and he or she will treat your home with the same high level of attention to detail and care that he or she uses in every job.

Gas line maintenance

Even if you do not have a leak in your gas lines your certified professional will be able to offer some recommendations as to things you can do in order to keep the lines in top working condition.  From time to time you may need to perform routine maintenance on your gas lines; in such a case our technicians are happy to help.

Reasons to use Plumbers 911 Kansas

If you open the yellow pages you will find page after page of listings for Kansas plumbers.  However, not all plumbing technicians are created equal, and you need to be able to know that the technician you select is trained, qualified, and competent. That’s where we come in.  We’ve already done the hard work for you in reviewing hundreds of professionals and selecting the best of the best.  When we send a professional to your home, you can know that he or she is truly that: a professional. We work with technicians who have a history of excellence in their field.  You’ll never have to be concerned that the person working on your gas lines was manning a fast-food grill just the week before.  On the contrary, our professionals are highly trained and certified in what they do. Give us a call at (816) 326-8643 or shoot us an email today. We’re here to help you!

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