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Frozen Burst Pipes |Kansas Plumbing ServiceIn the middle of winter, the last thing you want to deal with is problems with your plumbing. Waking up to find that you have no water because the lines have frozen is no fun, and discovering a leak once they have thawed is even worse! But frozen water lines can and do happen, so make sure you are prepared during the winter just in case by storing a few gallons of drinking water in your home, and keeping our Plumbers 911 number in a place where you know you can find it. As we’ve already mentioned, water lines that freeze on a particularly cold night are more susceptible to breaking. This is because the water in your pipes will expand as it freezes, causing the pipe to crack under the pressure. Once the water thaws out, a leak will be left in its place – sometimes frozen water can damage several feet of water pipe. Old plumbing is particularly susceptible to breaks and leaks. Over time, the joints that connect individual pipes can lose their seal, and years-old, weather-beaten plastic piping may begin to weaken and break. Old copper pipes can break too, although the more likely problem with copper is a water pressure issue as corrosion inside the pipe builds up, allowing less and less water to run through it. Poorly or improperly installed pipes can end up causing more problems than the leak they were meant to replace. At best, improperly installed water lines will hold up for a few months before the connections between them begin to leak – at worst, the connections will separate the minute real water pressure is placed on them, potentially causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Less often, pipes can break if they are hit with something. Whether you drill into your drywall in just the wrong spot or the kid you hired to clean out your crawlspace got careless, it is possible to damage your own water lines. Frozen and/or broken water lines are a part of life. But with Plumbers 911, they don’t have to cause you undue stress, wasted time, or too much money.

Reasons Why Pipes Break

Although water problems tend to occur during the winter, your pipes can have problems at any time of the year, and for one of the several reasons. Here are just a few of the reasons that your pipes may break:
  • Frozen water lines
  • Old pipe lines
  • Poor installation
  • Damage to pipe lines

Get Reliable Plumbing Services in Kansas

Frozen and Burst Pipes | Kansas PlumbersThe moment you notice that there is a problem with your water, turn off the water coming into your home. Nearly frozen water from the city or from the ground won’t help your pipes to thaw, and you need a professional to assess any damage that the frozen water may have caused. If a water pipe has broken or separated at a connection, it is even more imperative to turn off your main water – you don’t want any more damage to happen. After turning off your water, give Plumbers 911 a call. Day or night, we will send out an expert to thaw frozen pipes, fix leaks, and replace broken water lines. Keep in mind that if your leak is due to old plumbing, you may find another leak further down the line after the first is fixed, so trust your Plumbers 911 professional if he suggests that replacing most or all of your existing water lines is the best route.

Our Plumbing Experts in Kansas can Help You Protect Your Pipes

Before you have to deal with emergency service calls or water gushing into your basement, you can take steps to protect your water pipes. Here are just a few things you can do to reduce your chances of being caught unawares by a water emergency:
  • Have your pipes insulated. If you want to, you may be able to insulate them yourself. Make sure to buy a quality insulation that can be installed on existing pipes – the peel and stick type is the easiest to put on yourself and is effective when used properly.
  • Have your plumbing updated. You may consider replacing your old water lines with PEX, which is a type of flexible tubing rather than rigid pipe lines. PEX requires fewer connections than other types of pipe, and can withstand the expansion of freezing water better.
  • Hire a licensed and insured contractor for the job. Whether you are replacing your old pipes or having a single break repaired, the advantages of hiring a qualified professional with years of experience under his belt far outweigh the dollars you might save by hiring Joe Schmoe down the street. Unless Joe Schmoe happens to be a licensed plumber, the odds that everything will go smoothly when he’s on the job are pretty bad.

Contact Plumbers 911 to Get Great Rates and Professional Help Today!

At Plumbers 911, we know that your home and the systems that make it run are important to you. You put time, effort, and finances into it, so we are dedicated to treating your investment with care.
  • We contract with the best of the best in your area – if a so-called professional doesn’t measure up to our strict standards, he won’t be on the list when you need help from someone who knows what he is doing.
  • Give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with your plumbing emergency. Even at 2:00 in the morning, you will be able to talk with a friendly, helpful person who will get you the help you need right away.
  • Our experts are located all over the state, so no matter where in Kansas you live, a skilled professional will arrive within the hour whenever you need him.
Give us a call at (816) 326-8643 today. No matter what your emergency, from frozen pipes to burst water lines, our Kansas plumbing experts are standing by to take care of your needs with the dedication and expertise that you deserve.

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