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14 Dec

Is installing a whole home water filtration system worth it?

Many homeowners ask themselves if they are buying or remodeling a home or have concerns about its water quality, taste or smell. 

Clean, safe and tasty drinking water is essential to your family’s health and the enjoyment of your home. You may be surprised at your water’s chemicals, pollutants or minerals. What is the best way to reduce the risk of illness or unpleasantness resulting from contaminated or hard water?

Fortunately, a whole home water filtration system can be installed to ensure your water is clean, tasty and free of minerals, pollutants and other contaminants. Here is everything you need to know when installing a whole home water filtration system.

The contractors of Plumbers 911 can recommend or install a whole home water filtration system for your home.

What does a whole home water filtration system do?

Also known as a point-of-entry (POE) filter, a whole home water filtration system filters water from the primary entry point to your home. Instead of filtering specific taps, it filters all the water that comes into your home. The filter strains out contaminants, minerals and chemicals. You end up with a cleaner, softer and better-smelling water that tastes great and is better for your family’s health. 

Benefits of a whole home water filtration system

If you use well water, you may benefit from a whole home water filtration system. Pollutant runoff is surprisingly common and can harm your family’s health. A POE filter is also helpful if your water has a foul odor or taste.

A whole home water filtration system will protect your plumbing and other water-using appliances. Unfiltered water can contain sediment, minerals and other solids that can eat away your plumbing and permanently stain and damage bathtubs, showers and sinks. By filtering your water, you can reduce your repair costs and ensure your plumbing and appliances last longer.

Installing a whole home water filtration system can also make laundry softer and even improve the body and texture of your hair. It can also lead to healthier skin and better treat eczema and psoriasis.

Types of whole home water filtration systems

There are three standard water systems available for your home.

Activated carbon is the most common type of whole-home water filtration system. It uses small carbon granules to soak up chemical impurities in the water, trapping contaminants and filtering them out of the water supply. This type is excellent for removing chlorine, which can significantly improve the taste of your water.

Reverse osmosis filters force the water through an excellent filter at extremely high pressures. These systems typically require electrical pumps. This method is excellent at removing impurities but produces a considerable amount of wastewater. These filters also tend to be more expensive and require more maintenance.

An ion exchange filtration system exchanges magnesium and calcium ions for hydrogen or sodium ions through a charged resin composed of tiny beads. It’s highly effective at removing the contaminants and minerals that cause hard water. This filter works great as a water softener.

Are whole home water systems worth it?

Your water company treats the water before it enters your home, but not everything is removed. Numerous chemicals like fluoride and chlorine can be added to the water, negatively affecting its taste. If you don’t like the taste of your water, want a purer taste or are concerned about the added chemicals in your water, a whole home water system may be worth the investment. 

Use well water or water from a lake or pond. A whole home water filtration system will ensure your water is free of pollutants, bacteria and minerals that cause hard water. It will improve the water’s flavor and your family’s health.

If you are concerned about the quality, flavor or smell of the water in your home, a whole home water filtration system may be the answer.

Need to install a whole home water filtration system? Call Plumbers 911

If you need to install a whole home water filtration system, call Plumbers 911. A licensed plumber in your area can visit your home, recommend a system and provide an estimate. They will install a system in your home to ensure your drinking water is safe and delicious to drink.

All our Licensed Plumbers are highly trained, licensed and vetted. They have undergone rigorous drug testing and a background check. They are insured and bonded. Find a local Plumbers 911 plumber in your area today!

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