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Learn How To Install A Garbage Disposal System At Home

how-to-install-a-garbage-diposalGarbage disposal systems are electrically powered devices that are installed right under a kitchen sink and connected to the sink drain and trap. This valuable plumbing appliance allows us to shred food scraps and other waste substances so we can dispose them easily through the drainage lines. In the United States, the majority of homeowners have garbage disposals installed because of the inconvenience they bring. If you would like to know how to install this device, read on!

1. First of all, you have to turn the power supply off. This will ensure that you won’t get electrocuted while working on the project. Afterward, check under the sink and guarantee that the disposer will fit in there.

2. Next, detach the drain pipe. Plug the main drain to avoid making your work area wet. Afterward, loosen the nut that’s found at the base of the kitchen sink flange. Let it drop down and then push the sink strainer’s body through the drain hole. Remove it.

3. Clean the installation spot by ensuring that putty residues are removed. You can make use of a screwdriver for this task. Again, everything should be clean for the new garbage disposal machine. Then, turn the disposal’s mounting assembly over. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws that secure it to its place. When you’re done, you should see the snap ring.

4. Get a screwdriver once again and use it to pry the snap ring off. When you’ve successfully accomplished this, you should come apart. Disassemble all the components carefully to avoid damaging the fiber gasket.

5. Afterward, get plumber’s putty and apply it along the edges of the sink drain hole. Press it firmly and then slip the fiber gasket onto place. Put the metal backup ring onto the sink flange once you’re done.

6. Proceed by positioning the mounting ring over the sink flange. Make sure that it will seat against the backup ring. Then, use a rubber band to hold the parts in place. Just ensure that it is positioned above the snap ring groove.

7. Then, slide the snap ring up the sink flange and pop it in place. Remove the rubber band this time. Tighten the screws to secure the assembly against the kitchen sink and clean any putty residue that will ooze out of the flange.

8. Afterward, disconnect the dishwasher from the pipe and knock the plug out. Then, get a flathead screwdriver and insert it into the plug. Tap the disposal a few times to make the plug to go down inside the unit.

9. Then, turn the garbage disposal upright and remove the ring and gasket. Retrieve the plug as well by turning the unit upside down. Turn the disposer upright and then proceed with the replacement of the ring and gasket. Then, look for the electrical hole and get a wire clamp. Insert the wire into that hole.

10. If you are not skilled with electrical tasks, do not do this part. Remove the access hole’s plate that’s found that the bottom of the appliance. You can do this by removing the screws. Once done, pull the wires out.

11. Then, proceed with the wiring. Again, let a licensed electrician do this if you’re not skilled. Put the electrical wire into the clamp that was previously installed. Connect the wire according to their color codes. Secure them together with the use of nuts and then attach the nuts to the wires with an electrical tape. Don’t forget to hook up the ground wire.

12. When you’re done with the wiring, push them into the access hole and then put the cover plate back. Lastly, tighten the clamp.

13. Afterward mount your garbage disposal machine. Carefully lift it up and insert the mounting gasket’s end into the mounting assembly. Turn the ring to the right until the connection is secured. Get a pair of pliers to lock the tabs.

14.  When you’re done, proceed with the re-installation of the drain pipes. Connect the p-trap to the trap arm and tailpiece. Insert the T fitting into the discharge tube. Make sure that you won’t tighten the slip nut completely. Slide the other end of the tube into the garbage disposer then use a screwdriver to tighten the discharge tube to the disposal system. Secure the metal flange with the bolts that came with your garbage disposal. Lastly, tighten all the slip nuts.

15. Slide the machine’s bell through the drain and then use the clamp to secure it.

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