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25 Jul

Handy Tips on Garbage Disposal Repair in Chicago

Over the years, garbage disposal units have become an indispensable kitchen appliance. The garbage disposal has an important role to play in that it liquefies and shreds food wastes, therefore skipping the part of throwing them into the trash bin. It also saves you the hassle of throwing your rotten food into the dumpster. Thus, it’s a major concern when a garbage disposal unit acts up. Read on and get to know some tips on garbage disposal repair in Chicago.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance and Care

Taking good care of the garbage disposal will save you a lot of pricey plumbing repairs. A garbage disposal that is properly cared for can function up to 10 years. To have your garbage disposal working properly you can regularly pour a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. This is natural mixture is cheap and readily available in your kitchen. When regularly done, it will make your garbage disposal’s razors sharp as ever. Meanwhile, to remove built-up grease and other sediments, mix a gallon of water with a teaspoon of bleach and pour into the disposal. After ten minutes, pour cold water down the drain to rinse.

Garbage Disposal Repair

First, you must always remember that whatever happens, NEVER put your hand inside the garbage disposal. When something is stuck inside the garbage disposal, what you can primarily do is to try pressing the reset button. Try to run it again afterward. If it is still jammed, you will have to inspect the insides to see what’s causing the jam. To be on the safe side, unplug the disposal first. Use a flashlight to see whatever is jammed inside the garbage disposal. Once you see it, use a long pair of plier to remove the object.  When the object is removed, plug the garbage disposal in and try if it’s already working. If not, it’s time to ask the help of the pros.

Call a Chicago Professional for Help

Do not try other methods of repair other than what is shared in this article. Otherwise, you might just end up spending more on repairs or worse, having to buy a brand new garbage disposal unit! If all else fails, call a licensed Chicago plumber from Plumbers 911 Illinois to help you. Call (855)484-3911 today to schedule a visit.


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