10 Jul

Why Backflow Testing Is Important For Your Home

More than being disgusting sight, a backflow is a plumbing problem that can cause health and safety risks and thousand dollars’ worth of damages, not to mention the embarrassment and inconvenience it can cause.  It is a serious problem that needs to be addressed in a timely manner, or it could cost you more money in repairs and restoration.

But more than timely backflow repair, sewage backup prevention is important to avoid all the hassle, to begin with.  A backflow can easily be prevented with a use of a device that prevents contaminated water to be drawn into the water supply system.

Importance of a Backflow Prevention Device

A backflow preventer is a device that prevents backflow from happening. Backflow is when dirty water flows into waterways, contaminating the potable water supply.

Commonly, backflow is caused by either of the two: back siphonage or back pressure. Back pressure occurs when the pressure in the system becomes higher than in its supply, while a Back siphonage happens when supply pressure becomes lower than that of the system. A backflow prevention device should be installed to avoid this from happening.

Hire a Certified Illinois Plumber to Help You with Backflow Prevention

backflow testing ChicagoMost residential drainage systems, including yours, have backflow prevention device installed. It can be a useful tool in preventing sewage backup from occurring in your home, but it still needs regular attention in order to stay functional for longer and avoid costly repairs.

If you don’t have a backflow prevention device yet, a local plumber can help you install one.

We understand that most homeowners barely have time for consistent maintenance tasks, so we won’t advise that you take precious time away from other things that matter to you. The best tip we could give you is to just let a professional handle any backflow prevention work in your home.

Whatever issue you are experiencing, or whatever plumbing maintenance you need, you can always count on Plumbers 911.

What Can the Experts at Plumbers 911 Do to Help?

At Plumbers 911, we believe that your only responsibility as a homeowner is to follow plumbing problem prevention methods, learn basic troubleshooting such as how to use a plunger, and know when to call a reputable plumbing specialist.

Plumbing services provided by professionals should be hassle-free. That’s the type of service you can expect from Plumbers 911 Illinois.

Plumbers 911 is a plumbing company known for offering quality services in all of Illinois. We offer professional backflow testing and repair, among other plumbing services that won’t break the bank.

Our experts can answer any questions you may have regarding plumbing backflow and explain to you in detail how it can be prevented.  Our techs can also come to your home to do a backflow test. This test will help determine the best course of action for your particular situation.

Don’t risk your family’s health and just call us for a consultation or to schedule a service. We have qualified contractors who are available 24/7 to help you with any backflow testing, repair, installation or maintenance you may need.


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