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Everyone wants to get the most out of their water heater. Wanting hot water is not unreasonable. For any upsetting concerns with your water heater, you should always consult with the experts in this field. Whether you have an electric or gas water heater it is always advisable to call in your local West Palm Beach Plumbing techs for repair service. water heater repair | west palm beach plumberA non-functional water heater can not only cost you money but can be dangerous and a threat to your home or property. It is important to act now and get a professional opinion on what may be going on with your water heater. A speedy analysis can give you comfort and ease your mind. Regardless of the type of unit you have, the theory is the same for generating hot water when you need it. Your home or business may not be ready for a whole replacement or upgrade, but definitely repairs might be in order. The conventional tank can use either electric or gas and ranges in tank size of holding 20 to 100 gallons. Homeowners and business owners can also contemplate a tankless unit, which is more energy efficient and the greener choice. Solar water heating is an environment-friendly choice available in most areas within Palm Beach County. Any of our willing team associates can help you with any questions about the various options available in your particular area.

Troubleshooting Your Water Heater

Some problems with your water heater may not be evident and may be tough to track down. These issues could be concealed issues and cannot be seen by the average person. However, you do know that your water heater needs repairing. With such a simple system, there are many things that can be the causing your direct problem. When diagnosing an electric water heater, it could have a bad thermostat or heating element. Of course, it could be the tank itself having some old sediment in the bottom. There could also be some other repairable issues like a bad dip tube or pressure relief valve. The specialists with your local plumbing service company can help ease all your concerns with just one call. Our experienced techs will get right to the root of the problem and have your water heater repaired and back up and running smoothly.
Some things that may be happening to your system may be:
  • Little to No Hot Water
  • Very Low Hot Water Pressure
  • The Pilot Will Not Light
  • Pilot will Not Stay Lit
  • Seems to Trip The Breaker Often
  • Hot Water is Discolored
  • Reheating is Slow
  • Water Comes Out Too Hot
  • Strange Noises of Grumbling, Whining, or Cracking
  • A Leaking Tank
  • Too Many Repairs Over Time
  • Just Not Satisfied with Your Water Heater
Water Heater Repairs | West Palm Beach PlumbingThe issues that can happen with a gas unit may be slight differences, though. There are different parts in comparison to the electric unit. Anytime when dealing with gas, whether natural or propane can have the possibility of gas leaks, as well as an electrical problem. Our plumbing contractors will check all these areas upon their arrival and start the analysis of your water heating system. For any serious concern, it is advisable to completely shut off the breaker to your water tank until the plumber arrives. For any gas units, there is a gas valve that can be shut off completely also. These are all safety features to prevent any possible danger to lives or property. If the breaker is tripping off on its own, this is definitely a sign of a serious electrical problem that needs a trained response. At this point, it is best to completely turn the breaker off and let the experts handle the situation entirely. If you want to keep your water heater running smoothly and properly for years, schedule an annual maintenance appointment. This will help to prevent service calls or at least few to no repairs needed. Our friendly staff can schedule your appointment to be automatic each year and you will get a reminder call. If your unit is older and you have had a lot of repairs done recently it may be time to consider a replacement at this point. A yearly inspection can help alleviate some simple issues that could develop into major ones. An example is sediment in the bottom of the water tank can cause more malfunctions in the future

Why You Should Call the Best Plumbing Techs in West Palm Beach

Our service area expands all of Palm Beach County, including but not exclusive to Bryant, Twentymile Bend, or Atlantis. All our staff are experienced and well-trained to handle any situation that may arise. Our techs are certified and up-to-date on all the latest regulations regarding water heater repairs and installations. Our customers know they can expect these services from us:
  • On Time for Appointments Respectful and Courteous Staff
  • Fully Trained and Certified Fully Equipped Trucks
  • Warranty On Parts and Products Reasonable Costs of Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Services Same Day Service for Emergencies
  • Guarantee on Our Work 100% Customer Satisfaction
We make sure our customers know exactly what any repairs or replacements are going to cost upfront. Our plumbing contractor will review all options in detail regarding your current water heater. The customer always has the final decision.

Our Palm Beach County FL Techs are Licensed and Insured

Being certified and staying on top of all the latest technologies and products on the market today is a priority. We save you from having to locate all this pertinent information on your own. We adhere to all local regulations regarding water heaters completely. The oddest times is when most emergencies happen, so our plumbing techs are on call 24/7. Weekends and holidays are no different for us. Service you can rely on to get you out of hot water or get you hot water. We keep fully stocked up on our materials and parts to be able to provide all customers without a waiting period. Your plumbing experts from West Palm Beach  are available to keep you in hot water.

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