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Leak Detection | West Palm Beach plumbing serviceHaving a leak could go unnoticed until it gets to the point of a higher water bill or water can be seen puddling somewhere. You may just have a drip coming from one of your faucets that can cost you money and can get very annoying. Most home and business owners do not realize they had a leak until it becomes more apparent with possibly causing damage. The resident and business owners of West Palm Beach rely on their local Plumbers 911 for maintaining and inspecting their systems to prevent such a disaster from occurring.

Some signs may be your water flow is a little slower, so slow you may not even notice. This is just the beginning of the possibility of a leak. If this is combined with a spike in your water bill consecutively, then one of our specialist need to check out your property to prevent the further destruction that can happen with leaks that go unattended. The leak can damage your walls and floors to the point of needing replacing. A leak is not something you want to put off or ignore.

How Can I Find a Leak?

On a surface scale you can look visually at the pipes that are exposed for any possible small drips. Looking at particularly the joints may show you some sign of a problem that needs repair or replacement. You can look for wetness or even condensation that will build up if the pipe is not sealed properly. Our expert techs can let you know if this is something can be just repaired or if a replacement is required to keep this from being even more of a problem.

Leak Detection | West Palm Beach plumbing servicesIf your toilet seems to be running more than usually after flushing or takes a very long time to refill, there might be a concern. At this point, you can check around the base to see if any water is on the floor. Also, toilets tend to leak at the base of the tank where it meets the top of the bowl. Hairline cracks are very hard to see and not all areas are able to view by the naked eye.

Once you have checked all the areas possible and you have still not located any signs of a leak is the time to give in and call the professionals. Our technician has the right equipment combined with experience to know exactly where the issues are and can quickly and efficiently repair or replacement the problem area. With our years of experience allows us to be able to predict most areas of leaks, which will definitely save you time on your end of trying locate this spot.

There are so many areas that can have small fractures, so unless the problem is quite obvious without the proper experience and tools you may not be able to find the leak. This is the time to call your local plumbing expert to come to your rescue.

What Can Happen to Unattended Leaks?

Anywhere water gets outside of the pipes there will be damage. The amount of damage depends on the amount and flow of the escaping water. The time frame plays a part in how long the leak has been going on. Regardless of inside or outside water does cause problems.

A plumbing fracture outside your home or building can cause foundation problems. The soft soil will eventually give and cause the foundation to shift or move completely. This would take quite a while for this to happen unless the water flow is full and continuous. By then though, hopefully, the issue will be realized and corrected before any major damages have occurred to your property.

If the seepage is under your sinks, then your floor is in danger. A constant drip will eventually make the wood deteriorate. This may entail more construction, like replacing part of the floor after the repairs are complete.

Call Your Local West Palm Beach Professional Tech

We are the preferred plumbing contractors for the Palm Beach County district. This encumbers all cities within the county boundaries from the east coast from Boca Raton to Jupiter. Our customer base ranges from the coast to Lake Okeechobee southeast end including the communities in Lake Harbor up to Canal Point.

“Skilled plumbing experts” is how our customers refer to us. We implement the most advanced technologies and equipment on the market today. These specialized tools allow us to find leaks in all those hidden places. We can monitor the dampness behind walls and places where eyes cannot view for damages.

Due to our years of experience conducting yearly inspections, we can keep your system in great condition and limit the availability for leaks to occur. This simple inspection or maintenance call can prolong the efficiency of your pipes and drains. This also helps to avoid any plumbing disasters in the future, which saves you money and time again.

When dealing with leaks of any magnitude our emergency service is crucial. With our first emergency call, we are on the road to your home or business. We are known for our prompt response to all emergency service calls. We understand that a leak is not something that can wait, especially if there is no immediate turn off valve available. Our friendly staff can walk you through any possible options of turning off the main water flow to prevent any more damage than necessary.

We give our customers exactly what they expect, which is reliable and accurate leak detection service to help protect their home or business. Our workmanship comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each and every job. Regarding this type of repair, time is money with regards to all the expertise and equipment required to rectify the situation can be costly, but we are ready and prepared to ease your mind.

Don’t make costly mistakes by not calling your West Palm Beach plumbing local experts  for any and all water or drain repairs and replacements.


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