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Your business is extraordinary and like us you strive to offer your customers the best service possible. Part of that service is ensuring your kitchens and plumbing work smoothly. With all the daily food preparation, cooking, and serving, large amounts of kitchen grease are making it down the drain. Unlike liquids, grease solidifies once it cools or comes into contact with cold water. This combination is a recipe for a clogged drain and a host of environmental problems. Fortunately, there are grease traps available to prevent this from being a daily occurrence.

The Purpose of A Grease Trap

A grease trap’s job is to capture the grease before it makes it into the plumbing system, your septic tank, and eventually the waste water treatment facility. Once full of grease, you simply give us a call, and we will pump the grease out of the grease trap and dispose of it properly. Our specialists can help you install your grease trap on a specific pot washing sink or dishwasher for your convenience. On the trap itself you will find a flow restrictor on the inlet side of the trap that slowly directs incoming water through baffling inside the trap. The slowing and baffling work together to allow the lighter-than-water grease to coagulate and float above the water line while the water is allowed to pass through.
Grease Traps | Local South FL PlumbersMost models feature a two chambered tank that is lined along the waste water drain pipe. When choosing a grease trap be sure to choose one the effectively slows down the passing waste water. It should be able to hold successfully all the kitchen wastewater used during a 20 minute interval. If your kitchen is heavily used, your grease trap should be a minimum of 55 gallons while its length should be twice its depth. Furthermore, the inlet pipe of your chosen trap should be bent at 90% downwards so that incoming water is stopped below the trap.

Size and Material of Grease Traps

Our techs can help you determine the correct size of the trap your business needs. The size is based on the rate of water coming in gallons per minute. The trap size is named in terms of capacity (the flow rate *2). So a 20 gallons per minute trap would be rated with a capacity of 40 pounds. A simple formula is to take the total area of your sink, then multiply this by .003. Your product will be the total amount of liquid in gallons your sink can hold. This is the minimum size your grease trap must be. Grease traps are typically made of hard plastic, concrete, or fiberglass. The location of the grease trap will be determined by its purpose. Some traps are connected to dishwashers while others are placed underground. Our reliable pumping services have helped hundreds of commercial kitchen facilities operate at full capacity and functionality. Plumbers 911 in South florida also provides additional services that ensure your grease trap will work at its maximum capacity. The first is establishing a proper pumping schedule. A consistent pumping schedule will ensure that your grease trap functions at its best. Once pumped, our technicians dispose of the waste according to all EPA guidelines and local codes. A grease trap is generally emptied every three to six months, but this, of course, depends on the size and eh amount of traffic through your establishment. You take your business seriously, and so do we. Our service comes highly recommended, and our qualifications set a high bar.

Advantages of Choosing Plumbers 911

Our plumbers are licensed experts who have had over 10,000 hours of training. All of our technicians are:
  • Background cleared
  • Drug screened
  • Trained
  • Certified
  • Insured
  • Licensed
  • Skilled with State-of-the-art equipment
  • Familiar with commercial and restaurant needs
Licensed plumbing specialists are only a call away if your business is in need of expedient repair or replacement of the grease trap. We are available 24 hours a day any and every day of the year for emergency services. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to your business and the needs of your customers. Septic Tanks and Grease Traps | South Florida PlumbersPlumbers 911 technicians offer you full installation capabilities and the expertise to handle projects large and small. We don’t just pump your grease trap and consider our job complete. Instead, we look at the entire kitchen drain system as a whole. We offer you services to keep all of your drains flowing at full capacity, minimize downtime, and supply effective drain cleaning services. Grease, oil, food, and debris can clog all your drain lines, not just your sewer line. In such a frequently utilized location, snaking the pipe will not do. It will simply poke a hole through the grease to allow water through and reform the block by the end of the week, if not day. Instead we offer high-pressure water jetting. This service effectively cleans commercial drains. Highly pressurized jets of water clean your pipe full removing grease buildup, debris, and any other obstructions along the way. This service completely flushes out the system and blasts all the grease away in an environmentally safe way. The majority of restaurants frequently really on this service to remove the grease, mineral deposit, sludge, and debris buildup from their lines. Without these services you may experience frequent:
  • Odors
  • Blockages and clogs
  • Back Flow
  • Slow drains
Clogs can cause serious downtime, lost time is lost customers, and lost costumers is a loss of income. A blocked drain can lead to major overhead expenses, as well as inspections of the health and quality of your establishment. Schedule a visit from us today and be amazed at the difference our drain cleaning and grease trap pumping services can do. Our services will provide you with cleaner pipes, fewer service calls, and an efficient plumbing system. Furthermore, a properly maintained and installed grease trap can help eliminate costly sewer surcharges.

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